How successful is a vasectomy reversal when it comes to fertility treatment?

Deciding with your partner to have a vasectomy reversal so that you can have a family is a big deal. But how does it work?

This is a different type of fertility journey and with the recent news that rock star, Nikki Sixx, is to become a father for the fifth time, despite a vasectomy, we thought we’d take a look at the process involved.

Nikki Sixx has not confirmed reports that he had a reversal to conceive his first child with Courtney Bingham after undergoing a vasectomy in 2007 when married to second wife, actress Donna D’Errico.

But if you decide you would like look at getting a vasectomy reversal, what does it entail and how successful can it be?

We talk to medical director, Amin Gafar at the Newlife Fertility Clinic, in Epsom, who give us the lowdown in the procedure and how it works.

“Following a vasectomy, the surgical cutting and sealing of part of each vas deferens, typically as a means of sterilization, no sperm is found at ejaculation. Attempts at surgical reversal of the vasectomy are less successful the longer the time the procedure was performed. Surgical sperm retrieval is a more successful option. The third option is using donor sperm.

“IVF can help people with infertility have a family but the technology cannot make up for the natural decline in fertility that happens as women and men get older. Men in their 80s and 90s can father children, but this is rare. A father’s age also affects the chance of a couple getting pregnant. It takes longer for partners of men older than 40 years to conceive. 

“Also, the risk of miscarriage is higher for women whose male partner is older than 45, compared to men younger than 25 years of age. 

“For couples having IVF, the chance of having a baby is higher if the man is younger than 41 years of age

“Because of the changes that happen in eggs and sperm as we age, including damage to genetic material, children of older parents have a slightly higher risk of birth defects and genetic abnormalities. The risk of mental health problems and autism spectrum disorder is marginally higher in children of fathers older than 40 than in those with younger fathers. ”

Celebrities to reportedly have had successful reversal surgery include Dr Phil McGraw and Ozzy Osbourne.

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