Nova IVI help couples discover the joy of parental love

Nova IVI Fertility is helping infertile couples worldwide experience parental love

In this month of love, Nova shares with you the little extra things which they are doing to ensure the best IVF journey.

Love comes in many shapes. And, one of the most pure and satisfying form is the love between parents and children.

Unfortunately, a significant percentage of couples across the globe find it extremely difficult to experience this love, as they are infertile. However, with significant advancements in Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) such as In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), childless couples can seek the joy of parenthood.

So, in the month of love, Nova IVI Fertility, India, shares with us some of the non-medical interventions that can help improve the experience of fertility treatments and hopefully, the outcomes.

The idea behind this is not to devalue the work of the doctors and embryologists at any fertility treatment centre, but to look at all the additional things that a centre can do to or Nova IVI Fertility does to complement the treatment.

The key words here are love and care

At Nova, the employees across levels are taught to care about the outcome of the treatment and invest emotionally in the success of the patient. And, this can never be pretenses: as the patients can sense that easily.

Naturally, this demands an immense amount of commitment from the team, but it is a critical component in the whole experience at Nova IVI Fertility.

Unless the patient feels comfortable at the first visit, the likelihood of their overcoming the concerns, doubts and worries about fertility treatment will not disappear. This is because several studies have shown that a positive frame of mind is imperative when you begin treatment. At Nova IVI Fertility, there is an established framework of processes which is centered on caring for the patient’s emotional state.

Starting from the customer care executives and managers, to the relationship officers, nursing staff and the expert team of counsellor, everyone at Nova are trained to value the patients and provide them with the optimal experience throughout their IVF journey.

Which is why, at Nova IVI Fertility, a patient is always welcomed with a ‘Namaste’ – a gesture made with folded hands. This particular gesture in India is translated as a show of respect towards the divine in an individual. This make the patients feel at-home.

A counsellor also connects with the patients and the conversation that they are trained to have is designed to make the couple comfortable, helping them relax.

The relationship managers are trained to present the costs in a way that does not surprise patients, but helps them understand the hows and whys of the cost of treatment without any hidden cost or agenda.

This supportive attitude accompanies the patient at every step of their journey. Sometimes the journey is a painful one with the first cycle failing. At times like those, the counsellor is the one who is by the patient’s side, soothing and easing, encouraging the couple to try again. (Often the second or third or fourth attempt is successful).

And, when the couple succeeds in becoming pregnant, it is the counsellor who is remembered by the patients long after they have left the care of Nova IVI Fertility.

It is the counsellor who is sent a picture of the baby – the visible sign of a parent’s love and a token of thanks for the counsellor.

We all are aware of the power of Yoga, the calm it can bring and the peace that prevails afterwards

At Nova, regular Yoga classes are held which helps patients to bond and come together as a group which has a certain destination. This works as a great distraction for the patient going through the incredibly emotional journey of an IVF cycle.

Nova also has their own support group titled as ‘The Circle of Hope’

Participating patients share their journey and discuss their challenges and outcomes. This again is an amazing initiative that helps couples navigate through their IVF journey, irrespective of it being hard or easy.

Depression and anxiety are side-effects of any kind of medical treatments. However, a simple gesture of love or empathy goes a long way in ensuring that this difficult journey gets eased to a certain level.

For exploring fertility treatment options at Nova IVI Fertility, please call +91-8049436666, or visit their website here 

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