Newlife Clinic talks all things close to their heart in the month of love

For our February blog, we thought it would be fun to focus on the theme of love as this is always close to everyone’s heart. We offer you some loving advice on how to choose your clinic and how you will know it is the right one for you

Love is not the first thing on a patient’s mind when you think about the IVF process, the injections, the hormones and the emotional strain involved in a cycle.

It is when you get the positive result that the love begins to flow through.

We want to tell you why finding the right clinic, environment and team for you are crucial. Getting this part right can really make all the difference when embarking on your own journey, so visit many clinics and do your research first before making any commitment.

There is no better feedback than patients who have been through the process at the clinic so make sure you read those reviews.

Ways to make sure you pick the clinic you love

Check out the clinics you are interested in via their social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as their website, here is where you will find many patients experiences and honest reviews both good and bad. You can then weigh up the pros and cons and decide upon the clinic you feel may best suit you and your needs.

Most clinics offer free open day or evenings so go along and get a feel for the clinic and the team without any obligation.

At Newlife we are really proud of the emotional support we provide to our patients, as we feel this is a huge part of the overall patient experience. So, we thought it would be nice to show you how much we really love our patients and share with you what our patients said they loved about us.

The Newlife staffing team had a lot to say about what they love about their roles and of course the patients.

The admin team said:

“I love our team, our patients and our success rates,” Rachel said.

“I love watching the team go above and beyond for the patients and I love seeing the emotional support they give,” Hannah said.

“I love watching a dedicated team make miracles happen,” Marilyn said.

What our nursing team said:

“I love good pregnancy scans, I love when patients bring their babies in to see us and I love all the people we meet at the clinic on a daily basis, I love talking and getting to know them all,” says midwife Simone.

“I love having the time to spend with each patient, supporting them through their journey, being able to laugh with them but also being a shoulder to cry on,” says midwife Debbie.

“I love getting to know each patient individually, which is realistic in a smaller clinic, I love reassuring patients within a friendly environment making them know they are in safe hands,” says nurse Rhonda.

What our embryology team love:

“I love working at Newlife as every hour is as diverse as every day, it is wonderful meeting so many different people from many walks of life, knowing them have come to us for our help,” says Ahmad, who works in embryology.

“I love working at Newlife because I get to spend a lot of time with the patients and working with a dedicated team is amazing,” says lab manager, Victoria.

Our doctors love:

“Being able to help create and complete people’s families,” says by Dr Bhaskara Kale.

“Being able to literally change people’s lives.” says by Dr Khaled Abaoub.

“I love seeing the pride and joy in patients’ eyes when they bring their babies in to meet us,” says Mr Amin Gafar. “I love watching the team’s spirit and enthusiasm to work towards the same end goal – a healthy baby.”

The management, Ahmed and Visha said they love:

“We love watching the team work their hardest to provide the highest standards of care and deliver the best results

We love our new 3D Virtual Tour and hope this will help relieve some anxiety for new patients entering the unknown, as its interactive so as well as being able to go inside the theatre and look at where your embryos will be kept, you can also meet members of the team along the way.”

This is what some of our newer patients said about us:

“They take their time to listen to you and make you feel special and cared for.”

“They are an incredibly supportive team, Simone is fantastic, and I love the support group.”

“I love how special all the staff make me feel each time I visit. I love their knowledge, kindness and empathy.”

“The whole team they are amazing, kind and caring.”

At Newlife you are never on your journey alone, we are with you every step of the way. So, to everyone out there no matter where you are on your journey always remember you are braver than you think and stronger than you imagine.

Our last bit of advice to you is to just ensure you fall in love with taking care of yourself always, mentally, physically and emotionally (mind, body and spirit).

Infertility does not define you

You are valuable, you are special, and you matter and at Newlife this is always how we endeavour to make you feel.

To find out more about Newlife Clinic, click here

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