myLotus Fertility Monitor and what people are saying

IVFbabble asked me to provide a case study for our myLotus Fertility Monitor

I said of course! Besides, at myLotus we are so excited to share the glowing reviews coming in from users and clips, with blogs and articles appearing all over social media! So surely this was going to be easy.

So why were my normally eager fingers hovering over the keyboard leading me to replace the term “writer’s block” with “hovercramp”? With the deadline coming ominously close I suddenly realised it was the semantics.

A “case study” is a term used everywhere. People like to read what Lucy from Leicester (32) or Betty from Bradford (28) have experienced. So who would I pick for myLotus?

  • The woman who never saw when her LH hormone surged with classic ovulation tests and thought she didn’t ovulate? Seeing her personal surge with myLotus was so exciting that her graph was posted on Instagram!
  • The woman with very long irregular cycles starting to see her personal hormone profile and making some sense of it.
  • The woman with PCOS who detected her pregnancy with myLotus before she had the chance to properly track her LH hormone profile. 

So how do we define the case studies for these women?

Primarily it made all of us at myLotus extremely happy, illustrating that, unless there is a clinical diagnosis of infertility, there remains a chance of getting pregnant naturally.

With myLotus we are looking to make some sense of the complexity of the body and of the factors that have to line up each cycle for conception to occur. To demonstrate the fact that all women are different.

myLotus can help a lot of women in different situations and it is this individuality that we want to focus on. Even if doctors can’t get to the bottom of it with their battery of tests, there are things that you can be doing at home.

Our current products are only the start of it

The alternative to myLotus today would be daily trips to the clinic to have your blood taken, for this to be analysed, for the results to be recorded so that progression can be tracked. It is obvious that this alternative is not always convenient and can be costly.

Our initial user group provided us with feedback on the use of myLotus and how useful it was to each of them

We did this anonymously as we were conscious of the fact that everyone was at a different stage of their journey, both physically and emotionally. Not everybody wants to talk or share or be a case study! What we did see though was that there are patterns emerging and with myLotus our intention is to provide meaningful help and information depending on your pattern.

Results from our user group related to the key research recommendation in the NICE Fertility Guidelines. How long should women try to conceive naturally before considering IVF?

Over time we will gather information about key aspects that typify a woman’s journey. The ability to identify where you are will help you to look at probabilities based on the larger group and to make decisions on the best next steps for you. In the meantime you can see initial user reviews and case studies on Trustpilot

We continually update our website and continue to work with and many others to raise awareness of myLotus, its benefits, how you can take more control and that it is possible for you to improve your chances of a natural conception.

We want to share the myLotus Fertility Monitor with IVFbabble readers and are giving away 5 myLotus Starter Packs covering tests worth at least 3 cycles (RRP £349 each)

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