Model Kelly Brook says she is fine with not having children

Kelly Brook has admitted she has made peace with the fact she will not have children

The model, television presenter and actress revealed the news in a recent interview with Fabulous magazine.

The 39-year-old suffered a late miscarriage with her then partner, rugby player, Thom Evans, a baby girl at five months.

She experienced another miscarriage later that year and has since had several while trying to conceive.

She told the magazine: “I feel like it is such a taboo subject and it wasn’t really something I had planned to talk about.

“I’d never really discussed it publicly, but I thought it would maybe give comfort to other women who have been through the same thing.”

She said women can feel like a failure after going through a miscarriage or feel that it is unfair

“As much as it was a real loss and a difficult time, I got through it,” she says.

Kelly, who has been with her 33-year-old model boyfriend, Jeremy Parisi for four years, said she has come to terms with not having children.

“I’ve sat down and asked myself: ‘Do I really want to have children? Is this something I really want to do?’ And I’ve realised that actually it’s not something I’ve always wanted and I’m fine with it.

“It’s sad that it happened and obviously I wish that it hadn’t gone that way. But there is life after that, and I’ve found happiness in other things, like gardening. I’m a natural nurturer, and that was my therapy. I can’t control a miscarriage – it’s something completely out of my control.”

There are several organisations that can help you deal with being childless not by choice. One that we recommend is the Dovecote Community, which is run by our guest blogger, Kelly de Silva.

Do you have similar feelings to Kelly? Did you experience the heartbreak of miscarriage and realise children were not for you? We’d love to hear your story, email

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