Our Insider Report on our visit to Nova IVI Fertility clinics in India

Our trip to India to visit Nova IVI Fertility “Namaste”

If you visit Nova IVI Fertility in India, this is the beautiful word that you will be greeted with and hear frequently. It means, “I bow to the divine in you” in Hinduism. It is just a tiny glimpse into the positive vibe which Nova IVI Fertility, the largest chain of IVF clinics in India, radiates throughout.

We only spent five days in India but returned to the UK with a different mindset; that of self-awareness and a sense of calm. It’s crazy to think that in one of the most populated cities in the world, with traffic flying from all directions and car horns honking constantly, – it is even possible to find calm, but it’s true. We found it having spent time with new friends made at the clinics. We just hope we can hang onto it now that we have returned to London!

This sense of wellbeing is so valued in India and it also plays a key role in the foundations of Nova IVI Fertility

In fact it was evident as soon as we walked into the clinic. The first thing we noticed, as we stood in the waiting room, was that it wasn’t quiet, like many of the IVF clinics we have seen, but buzzed with positive energy. Men and women were actually talking to each other. This certainly never happened in my clinic whilst I was going through IVF treatment. No one dared look at each other in my clinic.

This sense of togetherness may have had something to do with the fact that the waiting area is shared, between those who are about to embark on IVF treatment, and those who have successfully achieved pregnancy through IVF at the clinic. It sounds bizarre, but actually, seeing the gleaming faces of joyous couples whose treatment have worked, or are about to go in to the scanning rooms, offers the most incredible feeling of hope to the couples who are about to take their first steps towards parenthood.

There are 27.5 million infertile couples in India (According to an E&Y report published in 2015) and Nova has 20 clinics across 15 cities in the country

We visited three of them during our short stay. All were of the highest standards. With a 59% success rate per embryo transfer, it’s clear to see why Nova is the leading name when it comes to IVF clinics in India.

It should be noted here that although India doesn’t have a regulator like the HFEA, the clinics are self-regulated. Nova IVI Fertility, Ahmedabad, in particular is proud to have received the NABH accreditation from the Quality Council of India.

We asked the Medical Director, Dr Manish Banker, how Nova clinics have achieved such amazing success rates

He explained that it really is a combination of several factors.

The Labs

“The back bone of the clinics”. The technology used in the labs is of the highest standard. Every single piece of equipment is monitored every day, incubators are regulated and where patient material is involved, everything is -checked twice.

Constant monitoring of stats and data

The doctors, embryologists and clinical teams constantly talk and share information about each clinic’s success rates, why things are working, why things aren’t working. If figures start to dip in a particular clinic, then all of the clinical teams come together in the monthly meeting and discuss what can be done to change things.

Nova’s fellowship programme

Nova offers a one year fellowship program for post-graduates. Most post-graduates end up staying. In fact, when we asked staff members how long they had worked at Nova, the average was between – 5 to 8 years! As a result there is a great eco system within the clinics and a real sense of job satisfaction and strength in all departments.

Enlightening us about what sets Nova apart, Vinesh Gadhia, COO, Nova IVI Fertility, said that the following principals form the core of Nova.

High standards of ethics and transparency

Patients know what they are getting when they go to Nova. When you have your initial consultations, you are talked through the cost, with absolutely no hidden fees whatsoever. Every patient is also emailed a report about the treatment they have had, number and quality of eggs etc.

And at this point is also worth mentioning how ridiculously cheap the cost of a round of IVF is in India – just £1800!

But, it is one thing to be told the facts, however, we wanted to see for ourselves what the clinic was like ‘behind the scenes’

The patients in the waiting rooms looked happy, but we wanted to see the labs and the wards.

More on our incredible trip to Nova IVI Fertility in India in Part Two . . .

To get in touch with the wonderful Nova IVI Fertility, visit here

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