Former Strictly stars Ola and James Jordan to start IVF for dream family

Former Strictly Come Dancing stars Ola and James Jordan have revealed they are to have fertility treatment after two years of trying for a family

The couple, who have been together for 15 years, have decided to have IVF treatment after their dream of having children naturally just hasn’t happened.

Ola, 36, opened her heat in a recent interview with Hello! magazine.

She said: “I would love to be a mum with all my heart and I just thought it would happen naturally.

“James is also desperate to have babies and I just wish it could have happened by now. That’s the one gift I would love to give him. I guess I just thought, like most women, that I could choose when the time was right for me; that I could have my career and then have a baby when it felt right. But for us it just hasn’t happened like that.”

James, 40, explained that in their 17 year dancing career they were dissuaded from having children as children and a dancing career just don’t mix well

He said: “When we finally did try, it was a sting to realise we couldn’t conceive straight away. After consultations we’ve realised we are one of the lucky ones and that, with help, hopefully one day we can realise our baby dreams.”

The full interview can be viewed in the latest edition of Hello! magazine, in store on Monday, February 4.

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