Teacher loses four stone in hope of conceiving dream baby

Food can be such an emotional crutch for many men and women, but what happens when it starts having a negative impact on your fertility?

Teacher Hannah Doyle, 32, has had exactly this problem, after suffering a devastating miscarriage soon after she married, she started to pile on the weight.

Her story was recently reported in the Daily Mail and we asked our nutritional and lifestyle expert, Mel Brown what effect being overweight can have on your fertility.

Hannah married her husband, Martin in 2013 and after the miscarriage her weight went up to over 15 stone, a dress size 18 to 20

Three years later, in 2016 she visited her doctor and was told the she had unexplained infertility and she needed to lower her Body Mass Index(BMI) to help her chances of conceiving through IVF.

Following a new healthy eating plan and exercise regime, she lost four stone and said she now feels so much healthier.

At 11 stone and a size 12, she is now hoping the weight loss will help the couple have a dream baby.

Our resident nutritionist Mel Brown said often the best motivation for losing weight is the desire to have a child

She said: “I think this is brilliant. Often the desire to have a baby can be the most motivating thing to encourage people to lose weight. Being severely overweight can really affect the chances of IVF actually working and of course increases the risk of pregnancy problems and miscarriage.

“Also look at the change in the actual food Hannah has switched to. Her old diet is what is known as an ‘obesogenic diet’, she is eating foods that will pack on the calories but very low in nutrients.

“By switching to fish and vegetables she is eating a nutrient rich diet all of which will increase her fertility potential. Actually with her new found confidence and energy, she will probably find her libido improves and she will fall pregnant naturally, without the need for IVF at all.”

Did you lose weight to have a baby? Are you looking to lose weight to have IVF? Tell us how you did it or how you are getting on, email mystory@ivfbabble.com

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