Keeping fit and staying positive are two key factors for IVF success

Nova IVI Fertility, the leading chain of fertility clinics in India, throws light on manageable factors that are imperative for one’s IVF success

Very often, people underrate the importance of their physical and mental well-being when they consider IVF treatment.

Certainly, the success rate of the clinic, technology support, the expertise of the doctors are very important – but so too are factors that are entirely within your control. Let’s look at them one by one and see how you can work towards what your doctors tell you are the ideal lifestyle habits to follow.


Being obese and not taking regular exercise are contributors to increased infertility, leading to conditions that can affect your chances.

So, watch what you eat and keep a close track of your weight. Do gentle exercise like walking or swimming. Not only does this improve your overall health, exercise releases hormones that make you feel better.

Mental health

It’s natural to be stressed, worried and feel defeated by a diagnosis of infertility. These emotions release chemicals into the bloodstream which can affect your general health. And while some couples are able to overcome their negative feelings by themselves, many need help from trained professional counsellors.

The benefits of counselling

Good clinics have trained counsellors who help patients seeking IVF treatment navigate through their journey smoothly. However, this much-needed service is often overlooked, but it can be critical to the patient’s success.

What can counsellors offer?

  • Counsellors have a lot of experience in dealing with a patient’s emotions. They see several patients in a similar state, so they know the precise technique that can help a patient find their equilibrium.

By helping them share their feelings, counsellors help couples find a supportive mental space that can work wonders.

  • Counsellors do a lot of hand-holding through the entire process of treatment, explaining each step and helping the patient stay positive.
  • Should an IVF cycle fail, counsellors are the ones who help patients and their partners overcome their disappointment and help them prepare themselves to try again. This is critical, because it often takes more than one cycle (attempt) to get pregnant. And, with each failure it is easy to lose heart and give up hope altogether. With the help of a counsellor, patients can confront their fears and worries and engage in a constructive dialogue with the consulting doctor to see what tests, treatments and technologies need to be used to improve the chances of success.

So, you can see how much difference a counsellor can make in helping a patient undergoing IVF.

This is the key reason that at Nova IVI Fertility, we have a team of trained counsellors at each of our 20 centres – counsellors who work closely with patients and the medical and embryology team.

Through expert counselling, we guide, we support, and encourage our patients in their journey through IVF to a successful pregnancy.

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