Singaporean man granted right to adopt his surrogate child

A 46-year-old gay man from Singapore has won a landmark case to be named the legal parent of a child he fathered via surrogacy

The man and his life partner of 13 years went to the US for the surrogacy process at a cost of £159,000, as it is illegal in Singapore.

The BBC news website is reporting that the man tried to legally adopt the child in December last year, but it was rejected and he won the landmark case on appeal.

Singapore does not recognise same sex marriages and gay sex is illegal.

The mother, who is a foreign national, waived all parental rights as part of the surrogacy process, which left the child without the legal right to have automatic Singaporean citizenship.

Singapore law allows children to be adopted by singles and married couples. But due to the couple’s relationship not recognised  in law, the man had to apply as an individual.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was said to be ‘overjoyed’ by the result, according to his lawyer, Ivan Cheong.

Mr Cheong, of Eversheds Harry Elias LLP, said: “Being recognised as a legitimate child and having his long term residential status met have always been our client’s primary concerns.”

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