Prolific surrogate mother, 52, vows to have her 16th baby for couple by next birthday

The UK’s most prolific surrogate mother has said she is keen to get to baby number 16 by the time she reaches 53

Carole Horlock had previously said that the 15th child she carried would be her last, but she has since changed her mind and is now actively looking to help a ninth couple.

The 52-year-old, from Colchester, in Essex, is also set to marry her partner of 21 years, Paul, in June next year.

She told the Irish Sun that Paul was not very happy when she told him of her plans for baby number 16, but has since come around the idea.

The mother-of-two said: “It would be a bit awkward if I did walk up the aisle nine months pregnant, but we’ll work with it, if it happens.”

Carole has given birth to 13 other children, including one pair of twins and one set of triplets

She began her surrogacy journey at the age of 27 and has helped eight couples become parents.

Her latest surrogate child was born in 2013 and since then she has suffered a miscarriage.

She said she does get emotionally involved with the parents, but it is up to them whether they stay in touch.

She said: “I am just the carrier of the baby. I leave it up to them if they want to stay in touch and some have become good friends, but others aren’t.”

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