Nova IVI gives its top tips on travelling abroad for treatment

Nova IVI Fertility, the leading chain of fertility clinics in India, is here to answer some of your queries to help you choose the best available options when having treatment outside your country.

Motherhood is a universal blessing. One that does not discriminate between nationality, religion, culture or race. Every mother can empathise and connect with the immense joy that motherhood offers. Similarly, infertility doesn’t discriminate either — cutting across all boundaries and affecting everyone equally.

When it comes to treatment, however, there are barriers to going to another country or continent. There are a bunch of questions that need to be addressed:

  • How good is the treatment, or the care?
  • How good are the facilities or the doctors?
  • How difficult is it to get to the clinics?
  • Do they speak my language?

Here, we attempt to answer these questions to help you choose the best fertility treatment outside your country.

Why travel to a different country for fertility treatment?

 There can be many reasons as to why couples decide on taking the plunge, and travel to a different country for fertility treatment. These may include cost, shorter waiting times, greater supply of donor eggs, higher success rates and anonymity. Any of these reasons makes for a perfectly healthy decision to look for treatment abroad.

How to choose the right clinic for treatment?

 Choosing the best clinic can be a daunting task. However, it can be useful to create a checklist for yourself to help you select.

Here are some questions that you can start off with:

  • What is the country’s reputation in fertility treatment?
  • Is treatment and stay expensive?
  • Is it difficult to get to the country or to get a visa?
  • Which are the best known clinics there?
  • Can I ask for a specific doctor?
  • Will the clinic help with travel and stay?

Here are some specific answers you can use to evaluate the choice you’ll finally make. The specific country highlighted here is India, but the general principles are the same.

Does the country have a good reputation in fertility treatment?

 A significant percentage of the infertile patients in the world are estimated to live in India. A thriving and well-overseen number of clinics offer patients a hope of parenthood. Over the last five years, India has seen over 50,000 IVF pregnancies and the top clinic has a 50 per cent plus success rate. Travel and stay are relatively inexpensive and in the big cities everything is available from international cuisine to the cheapest broadband internet in the world. And, importantly, treatment is much cheaper than in Europe or the USA.

Speaking your language

India has one of the largest English speaking populations in the world so if English is your language, relax. In addition, a top IVF clinic or chain will ensure it has translators on call to help you communicate with doctors comfortably, no matter what language you speak. This is essential, because the more comfortable you are, the better your chances of success.

Will the clinic help with travel and stay?

 A top clinic will have experienced travel staff to help with your visa, tickets and hotels.

This is critical because some of this may be impossible for you, sitting at home. So check for this before you begin thinking of having fertility treatment far from home.

How do I check which clinics to shortlist?

Unlike Europe, many countries do not mandate publication of success rates. However that shouldn’t put you off.

Check if a clinic has a European partner. One of the requirements of that is rigorously monitored treatment, protocols and of course, success rates. So if the clinic cites a number you can be sure of its accuracy.

The websites of most clinics will also list the treatments it offers: the more advanced they are, the better your experience is likely to be. In addition, remember this: no reputable clinic is going to hoodwink you about its capabilities, its experience or the cost.

Transparent costing is critical

Transparency in costing ensures that you have no nasty surprises later on. When you start talking to a clinic, ask for the rates, once the initial evaluation is done. A good clinic will get back to you with a clear picture of the costs involved in treatment and for other services, like travel, visa, translation, assistance, etc. This will help you plan better and be more relaxed when treatment begins.

So now that we have answered some of your questions, here are some things you should know. As one of India’s premier fertility chains, we have been helping patients from around the world with a range of world-class facilities, treatments, and care that has made us a leading choice for patients from New York to Singapore, London to Cape Town.

As one of our patients, Amy Smith said: “Getting treated in India was a big decision. There were a lot of factors, like the cost and how comfortable the stay would be. But the thorough way your team handled our case gave us confidence. Now I am eight months pregnant.”


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