IVF Turkey, welcoming patients from all around the world to Istanbul

This month IVF babble’s partnership clinics will talk about the importance of equality and diversity within the fertility world. Here, IVF Turkey discusses why they feel Istanbul is the perfect place for fertility treatment – whatever your language or culture

“As much as we are proud of the quality of our treatments, we also very proud of our team members from doctors to the patient coordinators where we welcome different languages and cultures under the one roof.

“We feel that IVF Turkey is just like a bridge as Istanbul between different cultures.  Having multilingual team members is very important for us, one of the main reason is from the first contact with patients we would like to reply to their questions about the IVF journey as clearly as we can and ideally in their own language. As you would agree, fertility treatments have its own jargon which can be complicated especially for someone who has no knowledge of IVF; therefore, all our patient coordinators in addition to English they speak different languages such as Arabic, French, German and Russian to be able to assist our patients during their IVF Journey.

“In addition to the multilingualism, IVF Turkey’s location is steeped in Istanbul’s history where the patients can enjoy multiculturalism of the city. Our team members have a list of must-see places in Istanbul for all religions and background. Especially if patients come for the long stay option during their stay, they can enjoy their visit by exploring the history of Istanbul, a city which was once upon a time considered the starting point (zero point of the World) of all ancient Roman roads.

“With this perception of understanding the importance of welcoming people from different backgrounds, religions, cultures and languages, we believe that our team contribute very positively to their emotional IVF journey as well.”

IVF Turkey is one of several clinics across the globe partnering IVF babble to offer you a free IVF cycle, to find out more about that and how to enter, click here

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