Dr Larisa Corda to launch fertility lifestyle website

Dr Larisa Corda is on a mission. A mission she hopes will help the many thousands of people who are struggling with their fertility

Early in 2019 the fertility doctor on ITV’s This Morning, will launch drlarisacorda.com, a lifestyle website that will offer a whole range of top tips on health and wellbeing, mindfulness, meditation, nutrition and diet, as well fashion and beauty in a series of short films, vlogs, articles and blogs.

But something you might not know about Dr Larisa is that she takes a holistic approach to many aspects of her life and will incorporate this uniqueness into her website

“I am really excited about the launch of the website,” she says. “It has been a year in the making and is very close to my heart. I am passionate about helping people realise their dreams of becoming parents.

“I live a very holistic existence and I believe in practising what you preach, I have always been a bit bohemian and people are now a lot more open minded to alternative techniques – it is an exciting time.”

Dr Larisa was born in Sarajevo and came to the UK with her parents at the age of seven.

The 36-year-old grew up in Leeds, Yorkshire before moving to London to study medicine.

She decided to specialise in gynaecology and obstetrics while working in Australia, focusing on fertility. She returned to the UK and joined CREATE Fertility in 2017, after further training in IVF.

CREATE Fertility takes a natural and mild approach to IVF, something that sits well with Dr Larisa’s ethos in her work.

Over the past five years she has met and helped hundreds of people become parents, something which spurred her to create her own website

“From comments through my media work and patients telling me there was not enough information out there,” Dr Larisa says. “I started to realise there was a real need for credible information but also for practical advice so that people can help themselves.

“There is a huge loss of power and loss of control when you are struggling to conceive. Whether you are trying naturally or going through IVF, you are at the mercy of drugs and processes. Many feel a sense of complete loss and lack of control. This is what I am noticing more and more, which gave me the idea to create a whole lifestyle website to offer support and advice to anyone on their fertility journey.”

Dr Larisa also recognised people are a lot more in tune with what they are putting in and onto their bodies, which is why she decided to include fashion and beauty as themes

“One of the things women ask me is ‘what can I safely use on myself when trying to get pregnant’.”

Plastic is one thing that is high on the radar when it comes to environmental toxins for women trying to conceive. This is something Dr Larisa is keen to highlight on her website.

“More and more studies show we are exposed to so many environmental toxins, she says. “There can be up to 120 different toxins on the body and in the house – that is just incredible. The placenta has over 200 toxins contained in it; the research is astounding.

“There is very little you can do to control the outside environments, pollutions and where you live, but when it comes to your foods you are eating and the products you are using on your skin, you can make a considered choices to change that and it is quite possible you might start seeing the benefits. This is why I am including a beauty section.

“With fertility so intertwined with hormones and hormone levels, we know that exposure to certain things can affect hormone levels, it is almost inevitable that it could influence whether you getting pregnant with ease or not and your fertility.

“Plastics release a lot of substances which can be harmful, things that can get into your bloodstream, and start causing certain side effects and so I will be showing you how you can avoid a lot of the toxins that are out there.”

Dr Larisa, who is also a regular on ITV’s Lorraine and Loose Women, recently became a vegetarian and has teamed up with a nutritionist to create extra healthy recipes, as well as short exercise segments that anyone can do if they only have a few minutes to spare. In the future she would like to host workshops and retreats.

Another exciting element will be fashion

Dr Larisa has teamed up with an eco-friendly fashion brand to offer a whole range of fantastic clothing.

Dr Larisa also has a whole host of guest bloggers lined up to offer fresh and engaging content, including us at IVF babble.

She said: “The website is all about wanting to share and inform. There isn’t anything out there like it. It is something I have poured my heart and soul into it over the past year and I wanted to bring it to the masses.”

Dr Larisa will also be an expert for FertilityBabble.com, our newest magazine launching soon offering education and empowerment to young people

Over the festive period Dr Larisa is releasing some of her short films on nutritious Christmas recipes her Instagram page, to check it click here

To visit Dr Larisa’s website launching in mid-January, click here

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