Part two of Natalie’s TTC journey with the Agora Clinic

Last week we told the first part of the story of Natalie Rogers and her husband, Gregg. The couple have been trying for years to have a family and they hope that dream will come a reality with the help of the Agora Clinic

In this second part of their story, Natalie discusses their emotions and the latest IVF cycle

Over the years our frustration grew and it felt as if things were getting worse as everything was taking so long. Sadly, there was nothing we could do to hurry up any surgeries, tests or appointments that were needed, so we had to live our lives but always had this on our minds. We didn’t book any holidays abroad in case we would get an appointment or treatment would start.

We felt frustrated, annoyed, upset as I felt that my body was letting me down, being unable to conceive naturally. But I have managed to overcome this, I don’t have fallopian tubes since having surgery last year, and nothing will change that. What I do know if that thanks to the help of the Agora Clinic, I will have my child this way and that’s all that matters to me and my husband.

Greg and I talk all the time and wanted to make sure we did not exclude each other from how we were both feeling. Greg was the stronger one out of the two of us, he saw me at my lowest on several occasions and was being strong for me but he must have somehow tried to be strong for himself. Thinking about it now he was probably there more for me that I was for him.

I was thankful to have one friend back home in Middlesbrough who went through IVF and her case was pretty similar to mine. Anything I said medically she understood and knew exactly what I was talking about. She is kind, caring, positive and realistic and is the best person who could help me through this, I just wish we lived closer.

I told my family and close friends about our treatment as I wanted to and if I needed the support then they would know and be there for me.

The Agora held support groups, but sadly due to my working hours at the time I was unable to swap my hours and attend them. I also wasn’t sure about speaking about it publically back then as it was all still pretty raw.

“The reason I am speaking out is that if this blog helps one person to get a little bit of positivity or hope then I will be happy.

It’s a very difficult thing to go through when everyone around you is having children or talking about it and I have been in that position so many times, its stings really bad.

I also think it’s important to talk about the difficult times as you read a lot of positive things that happen and I’m pleased for the ones where it’s happened first time but it’s a very testing time to go through IVF with the hope of getting what you’ve dreamed about with no guarantee. Then when it doesn’t happen the first time you start to question everything, I actually thought that it would work first time for us, I was shocked and never in a million years did I think it wouldn’t of worked.

We started treatment again earlier this year, and this round felt more positive as we were trying different medications. I’d lost nearly three stone and had better eating habits. Greg saw a urologist and had DNA sperm fragmentation. He was given six months of medication, a high dose of Fertilix, with positive results. I just felt really ready and that this was our time.

We had a double transfer IVF cycle with ICSI. This time I instantly felt really calm, relaxed and super excited. We had a good amount that fertilised but only two were A* embryos and our best chance of a successful outcome. Sadly, the others weren’t good enough to use or freeze, huge panic set in but I kept it under control and just felt the biggest amount of love towards both of our embryos and prayed that these were going to be strong.

We got through the two-week wait and to our delight had a positive pregnancy test

A few weeks later I started bleeding, and you can imagine how I felt. I broke down, my heart was breaking and I couldn’t believe that it was happening again to us. We were given an early scan and discovered both embryos had implanted, but there was only one heartbeat.

That was very sad to hear and we will always remember the little one and hold the sight/scan picture close to our hearts.

We are now 13 weeks pregnant and things are going well

We can’t thank the Agora enough, they have been there for us for the past three years and have gone through quite a lot with them. We feel we have gained friends through this treatment and exceptional care from all team members at every single appointment. The reception team, support staff, nurses, embryologist and consultants are truly remarkable team. They would and deliver fantastic care and treatment to all their patients If anyone is going to give us our family we know it will be the Agora and will be forever grateful to all of them.

If I was asked for a piece of advice on how to deal with fertility treatment, I would say keep talking to your partner, remain as positive as possible but also realistic. Be prepared for some ups and downs and be open with your family, friends and inner circle.

“Get an organiser for all your medications, I purchased one that hung over the door, it was the best thing I bought. Everything was there (apart from the refrigerated stuff) but it was easy and organised and it helps you. The clinic gave me a plan of what to take and when but I also created my own version too and it was really easy as it told me what medications to take, when and the dosage.”

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