Clinica Tambre, the latest clinic to offer you a free IVF cycle

Based in the capital of beautiful Spain, Tambre Fertility Clinic Madrid is an international assisted reproduction clinic with an excellent reputation all over Europe. With the help of Tambre, more than 12,000 babies have come into the world over the last 40 years

IVF babble spoke to the clinic’s chief executive officer, Inge Kormelink, about where it all began.

The story of Tambre Fertility Clinic begins in 1979, when gynaecologist Dr Pedro Caballero Peregrín opened one of the first clinics dedicated to reproductive medicine in Spain.

About Dr Caballero

“Dr Caballero, an internationally recognised fertility expert, is a member of the Interministerial Committee that drafted the first law on assisted reproduction in Spain. He has also been president of the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) from 1998 to 2000. Dr Caballero is a pioneer in the field of ART and so is his Fertility Clinic Tambre.”

Tambre as a pioneer

“The in-house semen and egg bank was the first to be opened in the Madrid community and the second in Spain. Furthermore, Tambre was the first Spanish clinic to establish a reproductive immunology unit for couples with implantation failures or abortions of immunological causes.

“In 2015 Tambre was foremost to introduce Time Lapse Geri, a revolutionary incubator, which recreates the maternal uterus environment, offering an individualised and undisturbed incubation of fertilised eggs.

“Furthermore, it is one of the first clinics to use IR-Witness and to benefit from Fenomatch. IR-Witness is a fail-safe laboratory management system. It detects and monitors all activities in IVF-laboratories, in order to eliminate the possibility of human errors. Fenomatch is a 3D facial recognition system using advanced algorithms to simply the process of finding the most optimal sperm or egg donor by identifying facial similarities with the recipient.

Being a leader in the field of scientific innovation and clinical investigation, Tambre has become a great reference in technology and ART.”

About Tambre

Tambre counts on more than 50 professionals dedicated to help their patients, who travel to us from all over Europe to fulfill their long-desired dream of becoming parents. These patients have undergone fertility treatments in their home country, where they have not been able to find neither a positive result nor a clinic suiting their needs. These couples then come to us seeking a clinic that fulfills all that. And this is where Tambre Fertility Clinic comes into play.”

Expert fertility treatment

“We offer our patients comprehensive care in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine and count on gynaecologists specialised in reproductive medicine with a common commitment: offering a high quality personalised treatment through our certified excellence and state-of-the-art technology.” explains Dr. Caballero.

The international clinic provides a great range of fertility treatments including IVF, IUI, anonymous egg donation, the ROPA method for lesbian couples and social freezing.

Combining cutting-edge technology, research and innovation with a warm, patient-centred approach, the clinic is able to provide specialised treatments for complex diagnosis such as:

  • Patients with implantation failures
  • Immunological and genetic issues that influence or impede conception
  • Recurrent miscarriage

Our philosophy

We care for our patients

Our philosophy is based on providing personalised treatment to patients in their own mother tongue. They are the centre of our attention, which is why at Tambre everything is designed to improve well-being during the whole fertility journey. The empathic, highly skilled and vast experienced team of fertility experts who speak your native language to make you feel fully understood anytime during the process. We know how stressful a fertility treatment can be; therefore we do everything in our hands to make it as comfortable as possible for you. Each patient is assigned a personal patient coordinator who will answer all your questions about your treatment. They take care of arrangements such as airport pick-up service and hotel reservations. Located in the city centre, only 20 minutes away from Madrid-Barajas airport, the clinic is very easy to reach.”


“Transparency is very important to us. That means that there are be no hidden costs nor add ons at any stage of your fertility treatment. You will be given a tailor-made treatment plan featuring all the details of your treatment.”

Our Ethos

“All treatments and procedures are performed in accordance to the Spanish law of Reproduction. The health of our patients is most important to us, thus we always aim to transfer only one embryo instead of multiple embryos to avoid multiple pregnancies, so the risk for both mother and baby can be reduced.”

IVF babble and Tambre Fertility Clinic Madrid working together

“We are more than happy to be part of IVF babble and their charity project Babble Giving, because we think that it offers brilliant support for women and couples suffering from infertility. Unfortunately, fertility issues are still a taboo topic and thanks to IVF babble, women and men are feeling more comfortable talking about it. This is very important because so many people struggle with fertility issues and they should know that they are not alone and that there are options. IVF babble gives reliable information and asks experts to help clarify questions – Tambre is here to help together with IVF babble.”

Clinica Tambre’s free IVF offer Terms and Conditions

  • The maximum age of the patient should be 50
  • Trying to conceive for more than one year
  • The price includes: free egg donation treatment, three blastocysts guarantee, first visit and one hotel night for free.
  • Any other costs incurred in testing and travelling will be paid by the winner
  • Marketing: the winner will agree to be filmed and interviewed throughout the patient journey.
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