New study shows AI could significantly improve IVF success

A new study has revealed a smart computer could improve the success rates of IVF using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The news was revealed at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference, held in Denver by a team of scientists from Imperial College, London and Cornell University in the US.

The computer fitted with AI was shown 700 embryos and predicted which would lead to a live birth with 85 per cent accuracy, according to the Telegraph.

Consultants have said the technology could be available within five years and hospitals and clinics would not need to purchase the computer, but instead they could send the images and get results within a few minutes.

Dr Nikica Zaninovic, from Cornell University, who led the study said: “If AI can recognise embryos that are normal and those that have abnormal chromosomes, that will result in a reduced miscarriage and stillbirth rate, which is the reason for doing this research.

“This is something new and an 85 per cent success rate is huge.”

The UK fertility industry regulator, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority has said it would want more research carried out before patients could be told it guarantees a higher success rate.

Professor Kingsland, clinical director of CARE Fertility, said: “Although the numbers in the study are small these results are encouraging.

“By adding artificial intelligence to the computer, this takes it one stage further into the future.

“The final arbiter in embryo quality though will always be a highly trained embryologist or clinician.

“We’re many years away from dispensing with humans in the IVF lab.”

A study published earlier this year in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology revealed time-lapse imaging improved live birth rates in women using fresh embryos by up to 28 per cent.

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