IVF at Embryolab Fertility Clinic, a journey we take together

Embryolab Fertility Clinic is based in Thessaloniki, Greece. The clinic’s IVF coordinators, Anna Giovani and Margarita Doumpogia, talk about the secret to IVF success…

What is the secret to a successful outcome of an IVF treatment? 

“The most obvious answer is to achieve a full term pregnancy and have a healthy baby at home. But is that all? Here the experts at the fantastic Embryolab Clinic explain more.

IVF is a journey that each person experiences differently

“Throughout the years, we, at Embryolab Fertility Clinic, have come to the conclusion that all patients and mostly international patients have the need to feel well taken care of, fully respected and most importantly reassured that they have a person always available to talk to and lean on during treatment away from home.

“At Embryolab Fertility Clinic we comprehend the needs of international patients. In this context, we have created a well-organized international department with a structure which permits us to provide an individualized approach and a continuous availability. How do we achieve it?

“Every patient has his own assigned doctor, a personal IVF coordinator and a midwife right beside him all through the way.

Our IVF journey begins with the initial contact from an experienced IVF coordinator

“It is the moment when the patient feels that he has been provided with all answers to his initial questions.  However, at Embryolab Fertility Clinic the role of an IVF coordinator is not just to provide information, gather all medical and administrative documents and organize one’s visit at the clinic. Our main concern is to provide the feeling of reassurance and safety of being home while away from home.

The next step is for the patient to meet, either in person or via an online platform, the doctor in charge of his treatment

“According to the patient’s medical case, a delegated embryologist and geneticist are always available to offer their expertise to fully investigate further the medical file. Having assigned specialists who will examine thoroughly each case, discuss directly all details regarding the medical history and propose an individualized plan of treatment, creates a feeling of reassurance and safety.

Once the treatment commences every patient comes in contact with his assigned midwife

“She will be available and ready to assist on the implementation of each step of the treatment.  From preparing the medical prescriptions, to explaining in detail every step of the procedure, the midwife is always next to the patient throughout and, even after therapy is concluded.

“At Embryolab Fertility Clinic, being close to the patient at every step of the procedure, sharing emotions and making everyone feel special. This creates a feeling of intimacy, bonding and mutual goal. This what makes us feel wonderful being part of this wonderful IVF journey.”

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