#BooksforBabies campaign will help fund IVF for US couples

A US man who went through IVF with his wife to have their child has started a campaign to raise funds for other people in need by writing books

Danial Hooper, 32, hopes to publish four books a year with his #BooksforBabies project and the good news is, the first book is already available on Amazon.

The self-published author said: “My wife, Joanie, and I recently went through IVF to have our first baby together. It was an anxiety-filled, hormonal, emotionally scarring experience, and totally worth it.

“We jumped feet first into this world and have made some incredible friendships. My heart aches for those struggling with infertility and all the baggage going along with it.”

First time lucky

Danial said he feels incredibly lucky that their treatment worked first time and Joanie is about five months pregnant.

He said: “We were lucky enough for our emBaby to take on the first round. Adding to our luck, we had financial help from family.”

The first book, Angel’s Landing, was written while the couple were going through their treatment and they decided to donate half the royalties to a family who were going through IVF.

Danial said: “The more books sold, the higher the donation. Angel’s Landing is the first of many #BooksForBabies, I’m hoping to publish three novels next year as well as an IVF Journey book co-written with Joanie. If all goes to plan, this could change people’s lives.”

How to apply

The couple are currently accepting nominations for 2018 and 2019. The process is simple, just like their Facebook page and send a message with your nomination.

Angel’s Landing

It was the perfect marriage until their first anniversary. Witnessing a tragedy has ruined their unconventional getaway. Evan has become depressed while Scarlet has gone cold. Every day has a new self-serving argument. Counseling might work, but at what cost? Can he handle the truth? Will she open up? How many secrets are the newlyweds hiding from one another? Under constant pressure to follow their therapists direction – as well as police involvement – the couple unravel as more lies are exposed. It all comes down to one question: Who really died at Angels Landing?

To support the campaign and purchase a book, click here

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