Bollywood star Shreyas Talpade shares adorable photos of his daughter

Bollywood star Shreyas Talpade has shared beautiful photos of his baby girl to mark World Daughters’ Day, who was conceived with the help of a surrogate mother

Shreyas and his psychiatrist wife Deepti had been married for just over ten years when they decided to have a child.

The pair, who live in Mumbai, had shared in the Indian media that they had fertility issues and a doctor had advised them to use a surrogate.

Their daughter, who they have named Aayda was born in May 2018. The couple had decided to go on holiday just weeks before the birth, but as they flew out they got the news that their surrogate had gone into labour, so immediately came home and rushed to the hospital.

The couple shared some adorable photographs on Instagram, with Shreyas telling Indian media Aayda looks just like her mother.

Weeks after Aayda’s birth he said surrogacy had been ‘the best decision of my life’ and that he was ‘living every moment with her’.

The couple met when Shreyas visited the college Deepti worked and soon became an item. They married in 2004 and had for many years talked of their desire to have a family.

Shreyas said recently of life as a father: “The more I try to make a routine the more it goes out of order. So, I have decided to go with the flow. Aadya teaches me something new everyday, and I am thoroughly enjoying the process.”

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