Woman who appears on This Morning explains why she loves being a surrogate mother

A woman who appeared on UK ITV’s This Morning programme has said she loves being a surrogate mother so much she would do it forever if she could

Rachel Westbury is currently 34 weeks pregnant with her fourth surrogate child and said she feels almost ‘addicted’ to helping others fulfil their dream of becoming parents.

When asked by presenter Philip Schofield why she wanted to be a surrogate and she said she was ‘fascinated’ by surrogacy for many years, but after watching a documentary she decided to pursue it.

She told how she had donated eggs for the first two times she was a surrogate and still has a relationship with all the families she has helped

Rachel, who has a 13-year-old son, was asked by Holly Willoughby whether she had an emotional connection to the children when they are born, she said seeing the child complete the family of the couple she was helping makes all ’emotion goes away and you detach yourself’.

She said that her family may disown her if she continues to do it, but said she gets such a joy from being pregnant and giving such a wonderful gift to the family in need was ‘amazing’.

Her appearing on This Morning was well received on social media with several people commenting what a gift she was giving to people who desperately want to be parents.

She said her son is aware of what she does and is fascinated by it.

She said: “He sent me a text on his way to school today to say how proud he is of me. He is a special little boy.”

Rachel said she would continue ‘if her body lets her’.

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