Freeze your eggs before 35 for fertility treatment success, new HFEA report states

A new Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority report has revealed women need to freeze their eggs before the age of 35 to maximise IVF success

The report, entitled Egg Freezing in Fertility Treatment, Trends and Figures: 2010-2016, outlines the process and statistics from UK fertility clinics, and was released in September 2018.

In the report, the HFEA has cautioned against women over 40 freezing their eggs as the chances of achieving a live birth are very slim.

The report calls for fertility clinics to think responsibly about offering women over the age of 40 egg freezing treatment.

It states: “The figures in this report suggest that some clinics are providing egg freezing treatments to women over the age of 40. In cases over the age of 35, we know there is a steep decline in fertility and this has an impact on both natural conception and IVF success rates.

“Our job is to ensure that the law is upheld and that patients can be assured of a standard of care when they go to any clinic in the UK. Part of that role is to ensure that clinics are ethically responsible when they advise patients of their treatment options.

“Where women over the age of 40 are freezing their eggs, the likelihood of a pregnancy from these eggs would be very slim, and we would caution against this being a sensible option for this group of women.”

It states that even though egg freezing and thawing is becoming more common in the UK, it still only represents 1.5 per cent of all fertility treatments carried out

At present the average age of egg freezing is 38 and the most common age to thaw them is 40, but the authority has suggested that women  should be looking to freeze their eggs before the age of 35 to maximise success.

In 2016, 10, 253 eggs were stored and there were 156 babies born using frozen eggs.

A full cycle of freezing and thawing eggs cost in the region of £7,000 to £8,000.

To read the report click here


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