Second World Childless Week to be held in September 2018

September will see the second World Childless Week held to raise awareness and support for the childless not by choice community

The online event was a huge success in 2017, with more than 1.2 million tweets for #worldchildlessweek and this year’s organiser, British woman Stephanie Phillips hopes it will be an even bigger success.

The week will take place between Monday, September 10 to Sunday, September 16 with a whole host of different topics including Letters to Our Unborn Children, Moving Forwards and Comments That Hurt.

New for 2018 is Childlessness and The Arts which celebrates visual and literary creativity. There is also a day entirely for men called Men Matter Too. It will be lead by Australian-based Dr Robin Hadley, known for his academic research into male infertility and Michael Hughes who is based in Australia.

Stephanie was inspired to start World Childless Week after recognising the need for a global campaign that supports those who are childless not by choice

World Childless Week helps the community to realise they are not alone and enable them to find support quicker. Statistics show that one in five women reaches the age of 45 without bearing children. While ten per cent are childless by choice, ten per cent are childless due to infertility and 80 per cent childless due to circumstances.

Stephanie said: “It breaks my heart when women in their 60s and 70s say it is the first time in their life they have felt understood. My dream is to create leaflets and posters that will be distributed to doctor’s surgeries, hospitals and public buildings throughout the year and across the world. These will guide people back to the World Childless Week website where they can find a directory of all things childless and access to instant support”.

Stephanie is supported by a network of World Childless Week champions who all share the same determination to grow the awareness week

The champions are a mix of speakers, creatives, writers, academics and bloggers who are childless not by choice for different reasons. The team, who are based across the world, represent diverse ethnicities, disabilities, genders and sexual orientation.

Jody Day, the Founder of Gateway Women, and an instigator of positive changes within the childless community, has shown her support by agreeing to be a World Childless Week champion. 

She said: “One of the many hidden difficulties of involuntary childlessness can be social isolation World Childless Week, by bringing together so many different people and organisations amplifies our voices and efforts; in doing so, it makes it more likely that someone struggling in silent grief finally discovers that they’re not alone. The lifesaving and life-changing power of connection cannot be underestimated.”

To find out more about World Childless Week visit

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