Miltenyi Biotec, advancing cellular research and technologies

A cellular research company is offering new hope to couples with infertility by developing a new technique to improve sperm quality

You may not have heard of Miltenyi Biotec before and you can be forgiven for that, but the research company works in 25 countries and employs about 2,500 who are all working to provide services that advance biomedical research and cellular therapy.

Since 1989, when Stefan Miltenyi established the company in Bergisch Gladbach in Germany, the company has been pioneering innovative technologies for scientists and clinicians who depend on methods of cell separation, cell culture and cell sorting.

What is the company ethos?

“Our mission is the expansion of the frontiers of cell and gene therapy by enabling the transition from basic research to the clinical setting. The technologies we are developing in these areas are applicable to infertility as well.

We strive for . . .


We live our culture of excellence, from R&D and engineering to production and support. The superior quality of our products comes from three decades of experience and engineering. As researchers ourselves, we share a scientific mindedness with our customers.


We provide pioneering innovations and technology leadership to our customers, opening up new opportunities in basic research and cell therapy. Our strong will to change things for the better, by continuously pursuing the path to new medical treatment options to fight serious diseases. We love our role in this process – and our company.


We dare to be different, to swim upstream. Our creative engine is the diversity inside the company. We are independent. Free from the limitations of “profit first” shareholder oversight.”

How can Miltenyi Biotec help people with infertility?

The MACS ART Annexin V System is part of Miltenyi Biotec clinical portfolio and is solely dedicated for the removal of the so-called apoptotic (or dead) sperm cells from sperm samples. At the heart of this product lies the MACS Technology, a magnetic cell separation method based on the use of MACS ART Columns and MACS ART Annexin V Micro Beads, which are part of the MACS ART Annexin V System. Due to the gentle and effective nature of this method, the isolated sperm cell populations are highly viable and of good quality, which can subsequently be used for ICSI, PICSI or any other IVF application.

How is the work that Miltenyi Biotec do help the world of fertility?

“There is plenty of new data which shows that across the western world, men are facing an unprecedented fertility crisis. Sperm counts, as well as the quality of the sperm cells have declined by almost 60 per cent in less than 40 years, which is the same number of years since the first IVF procedure. The reasons for such a significant decline in the male reproductive health in a relatively short period of time might be numerous but no one knows for sure. What is sure though, is that the focus of both fertility experts and research scientists has been overwhelmingly on women’s bodies, while male reproductive health has been almost ignored.

“Through the MACS ART Annexin V System, Miltenyi Biotec is offering a new hope to the couples who struggle with male infertility issues. It is a unique and novel approach to selecting the most adequate population of sperm cells and as such it highlights the importance of the male counterpart in the IVF equation.”

What are the different types of services/products/research you offer?

Miltenyi Biotec is predominantly known for its solutions in the field of immunology, stem cell biology, neuroscience and cancer research, as well as  in clinical  research areas like hematology, graft engineering and regenerative medicine. We have transferred the experience and know-how from these fields to the MACS ART Annexin V System as well, our pioneer product in the field of male infertility.

What campaigns or initiatives are you involved in when it comes to infertility?

We are always involved in supporting various IVF centres and IVF clinics in adopting the MACS ART Annexin V system and assist them in educating their patients on its benefits. For more information patients can always refer to their responsible physician.

The MACS ART Annexin V system is not available in the US.

To learn more about this exciting product and Mitenyi Biotec, click here

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