Fredrik Eklund and husband Derek Kaplan shares photos of their adorable twins

The star of Million Dollar Listing, Fredrik Eklund and his husband, Derek Kaplan, welcomed twins, Milla and Freddy, in November 2017 and since then has shared their sweet story via Instagram

Fredrik has posted several milestones since the birth of Milla and Freddy, including many photos and videos of the past eight months.

The star of the reality television show has been married to Derek since 2013 and prior to the twins’ birth, the couple and their surrogate experienced two devastating miscarriages.

In 2015, their surrogate conceived twins but miscarried in the first trimester. They tried again a year later, but sadly they miscarried again.

The couple decided to try one final time with a new surrogate and got the news that they were expecting twins.

The couple revealed earlier this year that Frederick is the biological father of Milla and Freddy is Derek’s biological son. Derek also has a son, eight-year-old Kai, who lives in London, with his two mothers, and co-parents.

He told People recently: “They’re sleeping well, but sometimes I think those two have a little side meeting…twins are double the trouble, but double the joy.”

But it could have been very different as the couple nearly decided not to share anything that concerned their children.

He told Bravo TV’s The Daily Dish: “At first we made the decision not to put them at all, because when you have kids, as you might know, you get so protective over them. I wasn’t going to put a single photo on Instagram. I was going to be like ‘Ahhh!’ because we had waited for so long and it was so difficult and when they finally came we were like… ‘No.'”

But the couple soon changed their mind when they viewed the footage that was taken in the hospital, they changed their mind and decided to let them be on Fredrik’s show.

To check out their adorable photos, visit @fredrieklandny on Instagram

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