British woman becomes mother at 58 after embryo adoption in India

A woman who longed to be a mother has realised her dream at 58 after travelling to India for fertility treatment

Carolyne Ness, who has lived in Australia for several years, had married aged 30, but by 40 was still childless and was diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

Her marriage sadly dissolved and she decided to move to Australia for a fresh start.

She looked into adoption, but felt it was too long a process and was keen to carry her own child.

As she entered her 50s she was still no nearer to becoming a mother and she learned her eggs were too old to be a viable option to use.

A friend told her about embryo adoption, which involved using a donated egg and sperm to create an embryo, which would then be implanted into her womb so she could have a child.

But she discovered that only Cyprus and India offered the treatment, which would cost in the region of £4,500.

She said: “Friends asked if I was sure this was something I really wanted. They warned it would be exhausting, I’d miss my freedom and resent the sleepless nights, but they were all mothers already, they had no idea how much I wanted to give up my freedom to love a child like they had.”

She travelled to India in March 2017, aged 58, and after fertility tests, she began taking hormone injections and chose her donors.

She chose a young Indian woman who loved dancing as her egg donor and a white American, who was six foot, as her sperm donor.

Three fertilised embryos were implanted into Carolyn’s womb and two weeks later, back in Australia, a blood test confirmed she was pregnant.

Due to her age she was monitored closely and had regular scans. On November 7 2017 she had a planned caesarian section and gave birth to her son, Javed.

Both are doing well and Carolyne says she has plenty of people around her to help, including her sister and best friend, who are younger and have agreed to be there for Javed.

She said there is no point focusing on what will happen when she dies.

The 59-year-old told The Metro: “We focus on enjoying every day of every year that we have together.”

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