Age matters, why the fertility bell is ringing

Michael Kiriakidis, Reproductive Gynecologist, Fertility Specialist of the wonderful Greek clinic Embryolab talks here about the importance of women seeking assistance from fertility experts in time

Over the past few decades, we have been witness to the change in priorities and goals of both men and women. The constant need for education and the search for professional evolvement have set aside the need for families for both men and women.

Couples choose to delay starting a family and it can also be harder to find the appropriate partner with today’s demanding lifestyle becoming even more difficult.

With the changes in our lifestyles, our fertility remains unchanged 

It is well known that a woman is born with the number of eggs that she will carry during her life and this number is not replenished. In fact, this number decreases with time. A woman’s fertility and the chance of natural conception declines gradually reaching a turning point by the age of 32. After the age of 38, this fertility drop becomes even bigger and reflects not only the drop in the number of eggs, but also the burden on egg quality.

Indeed, it seems that the probability of a miscarriage due to chromosomal or genetic embryonic defect depends on the mother’s age.

It is apparent that age actually matters

Reproductive medicine provides ways and solutions for what the modern woman is seeking. With the latest method of vitrification, egg cryopreservation is nowadays extremely efficient and the treatment is patient-friendly. Moreover, in the Embryolab Fertility Clinic we have proof that frozen eggs offer excellent results in IVF.
Unfortunately, many women contact a fertility specialist at an advanced reproductive age, which makes the procedure more difficult. This is why at Embryolab we recommend that fertility preservation should happen before the age of 35, when the number and the quality of the eggs are still in a good level.

There is no doubt that, as our society evolves and our activities expand, the problem of reproductive aging will grow and the chance of natural conception will decrease.

It is very important to educate and inform both the public as well as the medical community. By doing this, we can spread the fertility message and ensure that women have the necessary fertility provisions available. This is key while their health and choices allow them.

Embryolab Fertility Clinic is by the side of all women so that they can claim their dreams! Contact us here for more information 

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