Real Housewives of Orange County star Emily Simpson shares surrogacy journey with her sister

Real Housewives of Orange County star Emily Simpson has revealed her sister was the surrogate mother for all three of her children

Emily, who began this season with the reality television franchise, said in her blog for Bravo TV that her sister, Sara, provided a ‘huge sacrifice’ by being the surrogate for the three children.

The lawyer said she suffered six miscarriages before Sara said she would be her surrogate, something Emily said she would be eternally grateful for.

Emily revealed she miscarried twins in 2011 just before Christmas, saying she suffered mental and physical trauma from the experience.

She said she mentioned to Sara that she had no idea how she would ever have children after such a traumatic time and Sara told her to stop trying.

Emily said: “That was the moment my sister told me to stop trying and that she would ‘do it for me’. I knew in that moment that it was a genuine offer to be my surrogate.”

Over the next five years Sara was surrogate mother for Emily and her husband, Shane, having eldest daughter, Annabelle and then twins boys, Luke and Keller.

Emily said: “I will never get over the loss of the two babies I lost, but the closest person to me, my sister, gave me the greatest gift you could ever give someone…the gift of life.”

RHOC alumni Gretchen Rossi is also said to be having fertility treatment to have a child with partner, Slade Smiley.

The reality television star, who appeared in several seasons of RHOC, is believed to be having IVF treatment in the hope that she conceives a long-for child with Slade.

Surrogacy is becoming an ever more popular option for many people across the globe. In the past year celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Elton John and British diver, Tom Daley and his husband, Dustin Lance Black have used a surrogate mother to welcome their own children into the world.

Surrogacy in the US is legal commercially, while in the UK only altruistic surrogacy is permitted.

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