Need an egg donor? Send a selfie

Spanish firm Ovobank have developed an app that will help infertile women using donor eggs to find a near perfect match – by sending a selfie

The app uses facial recognition to match egg donors with prospective parents, ensuring the baby looks as much like the mother as possible.

Ovobank claims to study 100 points of the donor face to help with the matching process and has stated the computer formula, or algorithm as it is known, is the most effective way of being as accurate as possible.

The firm presented the new app at the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology and manager Albert Lale said the main factor of most patients using egg donation was that the child looks like them.

The app will measure the distance between the eyes, the length of the nose and the size of the mouth, according to Tech Times.

Mr Lale said the company currently has about 4,000 eggs from donors and he expected the service to cost between £90 and £120.

The app is available for patients who have treatments at clinics in Marbella and Malaga in Spain.

Mr Lale also said the company can ship eggs to other partner clinics and that many of their patients preferred anonymous egg donors to prevent problems later in life.

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