Happy Birthday to the wonderful Louise Brown

It’s been 40 years since IVF was successful for the first time with the birth of the world’s first IVF baby, Louise Brown

Since then medical science has developed ten-fold and developments and enhancements have meant that many millions of babies have been born, helping to create families for those who have struggled with their fertility.

Louise has grown up in the glare of the media since her birth to parents, Lesley and John Brown, on July 25, 1978.

Her mother, Lesley, had complications with blocked Fallopian tubes and the couple had tried for nine years to have a child.

Louise has become synonymous with IVF and has since gone on to have two children naturally, sons Cameron and Aiden, with husband, Wesley.

A little fact we didn’t know until recently is that Louise’s sister, Natalie is the 40th IVF baby born and was the first IVF born to go on to have a child naturally, her daughter, Casey in 1999.

Louise has worked tirelessly as an ambassador and campaigner for fairer access to IVF 

She travels the world meeting people and giving talks to prominent members of the fertility world

Here at IVF babble we have had the pleasure of working with Louise since the magazine launched in November 2016.

She has worked with us to highlight the plight of people who may not have access to funding for IVF and is a regular columnist.

We want to say a special thank you to Louise for all the work she does to help the #TTC community and bringing attention to a world that should be celebrated much more.

Louise is one of the most open and approachable women we have ever met and the work she does on a daily basis is crucial to try to break down the taboos and barriers that infertile people face on their journey.

She cares passionately about the fertility world and those who are part of it.

Her 40th birthday marks a huge milestone in fertility and we hope that the work she continues to do in the coming years will help those who need her to be a voice for them.

Happy Birthday Louise and thank you for all you do.

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