Why drinking moderately may improve male fertility

Men who drink moderate amounts of alcohol per week could increase their sperm quality, according to a new study

Whether couples who are experiencing fertility issues should drink alcohol while having treatment has always been a controversial subject.

Many abstain completely, while others may enjoy a tipple or two to help take the edge off the often stressful and emotional journey.

Italian researchers carried out the study with 332 men between 2014 and 2016. They looked at the age, amount of alcohol they drank each week, caffeine intake, exercise and daily calories, as well as smoking habits of men in infertile relationships.

What they discovered was men who drank between four and seven units of alcohol a week appeared to have what they called a ‘positive associated semen quality in male partners of infertile couples undergoing assisted reproductive treatments’.

Lead author Elena Ricci said: “Moderate alcohol intake appears positively associated to semen quality in men. They are counselled to limit but not avoid alcohol.”

But researchers warned in an article for iNews that anything more than moderate could be harmful and not to overindulge.

A Danish study found that men who drank more than two pints a day reduced sperm quality by 33 per cent.

Professor Alan Pacey, of Sheffield University, who was not involved in the research, also advised couples against overindulging.

He said: “It is an interesting study….but if you’re trying for a baby, a night out on the lash should be avoided.”

The study was first published in medical journal, Andrology.

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