Our wonderful Chicago trip by Sara Marshall Page

Last week myself and Tracey boarded a flight and headed off to the wonderful city of Chicago, with a diary full of events and meetings to attend.

We were thrilled to be attending the Midwest Reproductive Symposium International (MRSi) a world renowned conference dedicated to the life and science of fertility.

On day one, we set up our stand, set out our leaflets and had the ipads open and ready to explain to consultants, physicians and nurses why they should be directing their patients to our online fertility magazine. However, no explanations were needed!! Almost every professional that passed by knew of our magazine and said how much it was helping support and comfort their patients.

It was the most incredible feeling, knowing that the support network we set out to create, is working!!

We talked a lot about you, our wonderful readers and told them how crucial it was to offer you trusted guidance and information.

We told them how the magazine is lead by you – you send us your questions, we source the answers. So please, whatever query you have, send it our way. If you feel we are missing something, then please tell us! Your feedback is so valuable.

MRSi was a wonderful experience, led by the fantastic Dr Angie Beltos of Vios Fertility.

We learned so much more about the fertility industry and all the incredible people who work so hard to help make families happen and the support services around this.

We will also be reporting over the coming weeks and months about the incredible developments that are happening in the field of fertility through the wonderful team at MRSi which includes some of the world’s leading fertility consultants and scientists.

Watch this space for the incredible scientific developments and breakthroughs taking place over the coming months.

We also learned about finance, a subject we realise needs to be covered in more detail in our magazine.

As soon as we got home, we created a whole section on finance that we will be filling with crucial information regarding the cost and ways you can manage these costs.

We have some amazing experts lined up to provide some excellent advice. Following our Instagram post about this topic the other day, asking how you are coping financially, it’s clear to see that the sometimes high cost of IVF is crippling so many of you that we want to source ways to help.

We learned about products that are out there to make the IVF experience a little easier, like the little warming pad that you can use 20 minutes before you have one of your injections to ease the sting!

I so wish I had found these when I was going through my treatment! Are you using these?! We would love to know if you have used them, and if they helped?

In amongst the talks with top fertility experts, we managed to spend some time with the wonderful woman who was there from the beginning … our dear friend Louise Brown, the world’s first IVF baby.

We also had a lovely lunch date with Christine, the incredibly talented artist who depicts the rollercoaster of emotions that come hand in hand with IVF treatment through her sketches. Christine has gained a wonderful following on Instagram very quickly, as so many women can relate to her amazing sketches. We have some wonderful plans with Christine that we will share with you very soon!

We had wonderful discussions with Valerie Landis, an egg freezing patient and founder of Eggsperience and who just recently launched Eggology Club, her fantastic new podcast sharing interviews of amazing women who have chosen to freeze their eggs.

We were so excited to be taking part in the Chicago Walk of Hope too, a sponsored walk raising awareness of infertility whilst raising money for Resolve, but due to the rain and thunderstorms, the walk was cancelled!! The walk will be rescheduled though and we will keep you posted.

We also managed to spend some time in the wonderfully relaxing ‘Pulling Down the Moon’ holistic centre. This incredible space is helping so many on their fertility journeys, through yoga, massage and acupuncture. We will be sharing our interview with the fantastic Michelle and owners of this wonderful oasis in the coming weeks.

Our trip to Chicago was over way too soon. We spent time with such wonderful people and miss them already.

Wherever you are in the world, we want to help make your fertility journey a better experience.

Lean on us for support and comfort, and although we may be in different countries, we are just a call, email or DM away.

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