Woman launches petition to crackdown on high drug protocols after heart attack

A petition to limit the amount of drugs given to a woman during IVF treatment has been launched

Lee Cowden was 26 when she was taking ovarian stimulation drugs when having fertility treatment and suffered a heart attack.

Now 38, the primary school teacher is calling on the government to change the law on the high protocols given to women going through IVF.

She went on to have two children successfully using a more mild technique.

She said in an interview with The Express: “It’s incredibly worrying that IVF regulation doesn’t account for the welfare of women. My experience shows that fertility drugs can have a very dangerous impact on a woman’s health.

“No one should have to risk their life in the quest to have a child but at present there is nothing that ensures IVF clinics prioritise this and ultimately it could result in the loss of a life when trying to create one.”

Lee has launched the campaign via Change.org and said on her campaign page:

“We want to ensure that women undergoing IVF do not have their health put at risk as a result of unnecessary treatment and drugs administered to them.

Many women, including myself have had severe complications and been admitted to hospital. We want to change the law to protect the welfare of women.”

Fertility campaigners have long called for a milder technique to be used, especially for women who may have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

The condition can cause the ovaries to become overstimulated during IVF treatment, known as Ovarian Hyperstimulated Syndrome (OHSS)

The campaign is being backed by The Express newspaper and Labour MP Siobhan McDonagh, who said she was concerned about how vulnerable women are when given a high protocol that is not necessary.

Anyone who would like to support the campaign should click here to sign the petition

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