Australian woman given permission to use dead boyfriend’s sperm to become a mother

A landmark ruling in an Australia court means a woman can use her deceased partner’s sperm to have IVF treatment

The supreme court in Brisbane granted permission this week for 25-year-old Ayla Cresswell to use the sperm of Joshua Davies, her boyfriend of three years, two years after he died.

Joshua passed away after a battle with depression, taking his own life in August 2016.

The couple, from Queensland, had talked about settling down and starting a family before his death, something that Miss Cresswell argued in court.

Just hours after he died, Ayla was granted permission to extract and store his sperm and reproductive tissue, with the support of his parents.

Her story was reported on in which she said she had been to her doctor  month before Joshua died for a check-up to discuss having a child.

Justice Sue Brown was asked to consider whether Ayla fully understood the implications of having a child as a single parent.

A psychological report had been prepared and said Ayla had grieved for the past two years and had come to terms with the possible challenges of raising a child alone.

Joshua’s family have backed Ayla’s journey, saying that he would have wanted her to be the mother of his children.

There have been several high profile cases of this type over the past few years, including a couple in India who have recently had a grandchild using their dead son’s sperm.

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