I’m selling my wedding dress to pay for sister’s IVF. What have you done to afford treatment?

IVF treatment is not cheap, especially now that the NHS IVF is being reduced, restricted or completely stopped by a whole host of clinical commissioning groups across the UK

So, what is the answer if you find yourself with fertility issues and simply don’t have the funds to realise your dream of becoming a parent?

Well, one women from Cambridgeshire is helping her sister to raise funds by selling her beloved wedding dress.

Thirty-year-old Sara Young decided to sell her beautiful Mia Sposa dress via her Facebook page to raise funds for her sister, Louise Shanks’ fertility treatment.

Louise, who suffers with polycystic ovarian syndrome, has already been through fertility treatment using clomid, but it has not worked for her yet.

Sara and her family hope to raise £5,000 for Louise and her partner, Kevin, to have IVF treatment.

She has also raised quite a lot for her previous treatment by attending car boot sales and has recently set up a Justgiving page.

Sara told the Cambridge News: “I would like to keep my dress, but in the same sense, if it helps her then I will sell it.

“The treatment will cost £5,000. I am trying to sell it for £700.

“It’s affected her quite a bit. She’s been trying treatment for three years but its not worked. We all helped to fund it by doing car boot sales, but the treatment didn’t work.

“I want her to become a mummy.”

Louise said she had been trying for a child for four years without success.

The 32-year-old said: “I really want to thank Sara, if she wasn’t there to help me I don’t know how I’d get through to be honest.

“If I can have one child of my own, I’ll be happy. I’m so thankful to her.”

What have you done to afford fertility treatment? Remortgaged? Taken out loans? Set up crowdfunding pages? We’d like to hear your story, email mystory@ivfbabble.com

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