First ever co-parenting event to be held in London

An event to highlight and raise awareness of the huge growth in co-parenting families – the first of its kind in the UK – will be held in London in September

F2F Events Ltd has joined forces with Pride Angel, a website that connects singles, same-sex, straight and infertile couples with donor conception options across the globe, to host the event.

Co-parenting comes in a variety of forms in the modern world. You may be a single man or woman who would like to become a parent, but have not found the right partner and plan to go it alone. You might be a gay couple who wants to share parenting with a single woman, or a lesbian couple happy for the biological father to play an active role.

David McAllister, from F2F said the event was a great opportunity for anyone interested in co-parenting to find out all they need to know under one roof.

He said: “The demand comes from the members of Pride Angel, who have been asking for an opportunity to meet face-to-face and discuss co-parenting in more detail.”

“The event is aimed at people seeking to understand more about the benefits and pitfalls of co-parenting, and also meet like-minded people.”

What can people expect from the event?

David said visitors can expect to meet people who have experienced co-parenting, legal advice, and how to prepare yourself for the future. There will also be an opportunity to meet people on a social level.

He said: “If you are intrigued by the subject, at the early stage of consideration or at the point of desperately trying to find the right person or people to co-parent with, then there will be no better place to help you.

“The internet provides a great place to find new things but there is nothing like ‘face to face’ to better understand it, ask the right questions and meet the right people to help you through the process.”

Co-director of the event, Erika Tranfield, of Pride Angel, agreed.

She said: “If you have been dreaming of starting a family and thinking about co-parenting as an option, then this is the event for you. Don’t put it off any longer, finding the right match can take a little time so, looking into co-parenting as an option early on can be most beneficial and give the best outcomes.”

Erika said the need for the event has been fuelled by people waiting or not finding the right partner and realising their biological clock is ticking.

As well as more acceptance of same-sex families who want to create a family whereby both biological parents are known to the child.

Erika said: “You may be a single man or woman who has not met the right partner and your biological clock is ticking. You may be a gay or lesbian and want to find a match to co-parent together. You may be a gay couple wanting to co-parent with a single woman, or a lesbian couple who want to have the biological dad involved?”

There will be a number of seminars and talks, as well as the opportunity to meet with experts and make new contacts and friends.

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