Caring mother-of-two becomes surrogate for sister with heart defect

A mother-of-two has given her sister the ultimate gift by becoming her surrogate mother

Lauren Hooper, from Okehampton, in Devon, UK was born with a serious heart condition, which meant she would never be able to carry her own child due to the risk to her and the health of any foetus.

After meeting her husband, Michael, the 31-year-old told him that the only way they would be able to have children was using a surrogate.

Lauren, who was born with a hole in the heart and who has had a series of procedures to correct heart condition pulmonary atresia, told The Sun: “Finding out I could not carry a baby was devastating.”

The condition is a birth defect and affects the pulmonary valves that controls blood flow through the ventricles.

It was soon after that Lauren’s older sister, Ebony, offered to be her surrogate.

The 36-year-old mother-of-two told Lauren ‘I want you to be a mum’.

The couple looked into several ways of becoming parents, but always came back to the surrogacy route.

The trio began the surrogacy journey soon after, and despite three failed IVF attempts, Ebony is now six months pregnant with the couple’s first child.

The baby is due in early August and Lauren said it has been a rollercoaster of emotions.

She said: “It can be hard, because I’m not with her all the time and she feels the little kicks and things, but Ebony wants to make us as involved as possible and she does all she can to make sure we are part of everything.

“Her kids know that ‘Auntie Lauren has a poorly heart, so Mummy is helping to grow their little cousin for us.'”

Ebony said the experience has been hugely rewarding.

She said: “Every milestone we hit is so exciting because, after such a long and difficult journey, I am one step closer to giving this precious little soul back to his or her mummy and daddy.”


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