Lesbian couple are first to have IVF baby recognised as their own in landmark Italian ruling

A lesbian couple are the first ever to be recognised as the legal parents of their IVF child in Italy in a landmark move

The couple, Chiara Foglietti and her partner Micaela Ghisleni, welcomed their son, Niccolo, into the world on April 13.

But due to the antiquated Italian law, the Pink News is reporting that the only way Chiara would get her son recognised is if she told officials she’d had sex with a man.

The couple used artificial insemination in a Denmark clinic to get pregnant.

Italian authorities refused to recognise their child as strict laws only allow straight couples to access fertility treatment.

Chiara posted on Facebook about her situation, stating she rejected the officials suggestion of lying about the conception of her son.

But within days of the post, Chiara, who is a councillor in Turin, succeeded in her bid to get her son recognised.

She said in a Facebook post: “We have opened an important road for all couples in our own situation, we have given courage to those women who no longer intend to lie.”

Pink News said progress on Italy’s same-sex laws has been slow, with the country only allowing same-sex marriage to be recognised in 2016.

It is mainly due to the strong opposition from the Catholic Church.

In 2017 a gay couple were recognised as the first ever parents of children born via surrogate mother, another landmark move in support of the LGBT community.

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