Good news for anyone living in Trafford as CCG retains IVF provision

Fertility campaigners have hailed the news that the UK’s Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will retain its NHS IVF provision as a positive move

The CCG had put forward proposals to scrap the one IVF cycle offered to patients in the area as part of cost-cutting measures.

But following months of consultation, in which many residents and fertility experts warned against the plans, the decision was made to keep the provision.

Many couples struggling with the emotional and financial cost of fertility have been dealt a severe blow when CCGs across the UK started stopping or reduced the NHS IVF provision they provide, which has become known as an IVF postcode lottery.

The Trafford CCG news has been welcomed by the co-chair of campaign group, Fertility Fairness and chief executive of leading patient charity, Fertility Network, Aileen Feeney.

She said in response to the decision: “Patients in Trafford who are unable to have children without medical help will be relieved to hear that Trafford has not removed their one chance to try NHS IVF and have committed to continuing to fund NHS fertility services.

Sara Norcross, co-chair of Fertility Fairness said: “It is positive to see that Trafford has listened to the personal and economic arguments for retaining NHS fertility services. Not treating fertility problems properly costs the NHS a lot of money: through an increase in life-long mental health problems, and by increasing the likelihood that more patients will travel abroad for reduced cost fertility treatment – a move that is highly likely to drive up the number of multiple births which are of high risk to mother and babies and incur additional long-term medical costs. These costs are saved when national guidelines are followed.”

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