Former girlfriend of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner Bridget Marquardt’s talks of egg freezing failure

Former Playboy girlfriend of Hugh Hefner Bridget Marquardt thought she had taken out an ‘insurance policy’ when she decided to freeze her eggs but her worst nightmare was realised when they were thawed out and did not survive

The 44-year-old froze her eggs while living at the Playboy Mansion back in 2007 and had planned on using them in her future.

She left the mansion and began a relationship with film director Nick Carpenter, who she subsequently went on to have IVF treatment with.

But the experience left her bereft after her eggs did not survive being defrosted and were destroyed.

Bridget who documented her fertility journey on Youtube said: “Nick and I have been trying for a couple of years, but have not been able to get pregnant and last year started doing some IVF stuff.”

The couple were advised to keep the frozen eggs as an back-up, but after three failed IVF attempts and a fresh egg retrieval, that ended with abnormal embryos, the couple decided to use the frozen egg.

But disaster struck when they were thawed out.

Bridget said: “None of them survived the thaw, so that big insurance policy that I thought I had from eight years ago literally went down the drain in 24 hours. That was probably the most devastating blow for me because I just thought those were going to be my best chance of having a baby.”

The couple then decided they would go through another IVF retrieval, but again it did not work.

Instead of spending more money on IVF, Bridget decided to do a detox to cleanse her body in a bid to get healthy.

After initial blood and urine tests, it was discovered she had high levels of metal in her body and needed to neutralise this as doctors told her this can be a cause of infertility.

She said: “Looks like I have a lot detoxing to do, so that everything is healthy and then I can hopefully produce a healthy egg, which will turn into a healthy embryo for a healthy baby.”

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