The Fertility Partnership and their incredible offer of eight free IVFs!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce not just one free cycle, but an incredible EIGHT free IVF cycles from the fantastic Fertility Partnership!

Here their COO Jude Fleming talks about their amazingly generous offer.

Here we speak to the wonderful team at The Fertility Partnership 

Why have you decided to be involved in this IVF giveaway?

At The Fertility Partnership, we‘re passionate about what we do, which is helping people to start their dream of having a family. With growing restrictions on IVF Funding by the NHS, we want to do what we can to help, and as the largest provider of treatment cycles in the whole UK, we’re in a great position to help.

We’re also passionate about IVF, and we’re honoured to be included in this fabulous initiative to celebrate the 40 years anniversary.

Tell us about The Fertility Partnership

The Fertility Partnership is a group of well renowned Fertility clinics with 8 in the UK and 2 in Poland. We also have 25 satellite and referral clinics which enables us to help people across the entire country from Dundee all the way down to Guernsey.

You will recognise many of The Fertility Partnership clinics such as Oxford Fertility, Boston Place, GCRM and Wessex Fertility. Our clinicians are also regularly quoted in the media, such as Prof. Tim Child, Geoff Trew, and of course, most people know Prof Richard Fleming, one of the fathers of IVF whose treatment protocols made in the 1980s are used in clinics across the world, and still consults at our GCRM clinic in Glasgow.

Our younger staff are just as excellent too: just this year Becky Swann, one of Oxford’s Embryologists won the National ‘Rising Star’ award from the Association of Clinical Embryologists for her work and empathy with patients, and several of our clinical staff across the Partnership have had papers published furthering knowledge in the area.

Science, research and innovation are key to how we work and have led to us pioneering fertility treatments for more than 35 years.

Why should people come to The Fertility Partnership?

There are a lot of reasons, but some of the main ones are:

Expertise: as a network of clinics, we can call upon the expertise of internationally renowned clinicians and their ability to share best practice and research.

Convenience: we have UK clinics located from Scotland to the south coast, as well as two in Poland and a number of satellite clinics.

Success: we have some of the highest success rates in Europe and we publish these figures on our individual clinic websites.

Trust: we’re regulated by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) and 99% of our previous patients would recommend us to their friends and family.

Care: we’d like to think we provide exceptional care, and in our feedback it’s always mentioned how we make people feel like individuals, and 98% of our patients rate our nursing care as exceptional.

Innovation: we’re always on top of the latest research, and often leading the field. Did you know it was The Fertility Partnership who had the first PGD pregnancy for example, and the first IVF baby using Kisspeptin?

Passion: our staff care greatly about helping our patients have a family. The smiles our staff when our patients come back with their babies can light up a clinic for the whole afternoon!

The Fertility Partnership’s

Incredible Free IVF Cycles Offer!

The Fertility Partnership are generously offering 8 free cycles – one from each of their main clinics.

These clinics are:

Boston Place in London

GCRM in Glasgow

GCRM-Belfast in Belfast

Nurture Fertility in Nottingham

Oxford Fertility in Oxford

Simply Fertility in Chelmsford

Thames Valley Fertility in Maidenhead

Wessex Fertility in Southampton

Each cycle contains:

Initial consultation

Blood tests, semen analysis and scans


Egg collection with sedation

Embryoscope / Timelapse imaging

Blastocyst culture, as appropriate

Embryo transfer

Follow up scan, if pregnant

Freezing of any suitable quality blastocyst embryos and one year of storage.

Review Consultation


Please note: This offer is restricted to people between 21-42 and between a BMI of 18-30 – please read our full Terms and Conditions here.

To enter the free IVF giveaway, click here.

Please make sure you specify which clinic you would like you free cycle to take place.


To learn more about The Fertility Partnership, click here

We also have Facebook (@thefertilitypartnership) and Twitter (@TFPFertility) Feeds: come and follow us!

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