Benefits of holistic medicine in fertility treatments

Holistic medicine is an alternative and natural medical practice based on the body’s natural behaviour and its interaction with the environment.

Holistic therapies use Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques such as acupuncture, and other more recent ways of therapy, like the Japanese technique reiki. This type of medicine is often applied in parallel to evidence-based medicine as a complementary therapy.

At IVF Spain, we give great importance to our patients being as stable and psychologically prepared as possible to face the emotional challenges that each phase of their journey to parenthood may pose. At the same time, in order to guarantee the treatment’s success, it is key to help the mother’s body reach the time of conception in optimal conditions.

However, emotional wellbeing is not so easily achieved, it is the result of a set of factors that help patients feel confident and reassured.

Creating a calm environment, offering a personalised attention at all times and the highest standard of care, are all elements that undoubtedly promote body-mind balance.

For all these reasons, IVF Spain is proud to be able to offer our patients a complementary service during their fertility treatment based on holistic medicine techniques.

To highlight the benefits of these techniques in assisted reproduction treatments, we interviewed the professional in charge of delivering them in our clinic, 

David Compañ Flores

Physiotherapist, chiropractor and expert in TCM

Why did you decide to specialise in holistic medicine?

Since I ended my training as a physiotherapist and chiropractor, I have continued my studies with constant alternative therapy training courses. I obtained the ‘Title of acupuncture for physiotherapists’ by the Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU. Since then I haven’t stopped studying TCM.

When I was a child my friends used to ask me to give them massages, because they thought I had something special. I don’t really know if there is any truth to that idea, but I do know that nowadays I love being able to apply all the knowledge I have acquired through these years to help future mothers make their dream come true.

What led you to work in IVF Spain?

The combination of physiotherapy and chiropractic is perfect to treat people undergoing a fertility treatment. On one hand, physiotherapy gives the therapist superior knowledge about the treatment of different pathologies, and on the other hand, being able to correctly perform a massage, gives that subtle and relaxing touch that sometimes can only be found in certain hands.

Furthermore, I am fluent in English, German and Spanish, which makes it much easier for me to communicate and connect with patients.

During the last five years in IVF Spain, I’ve had the chance to help hundreds of people from different countries in all kinds of situations, and to be honest, I haven’t had any complaints so far, all my patients were satisfied.

What aspect of your work would you highlight?

One of the keys to the success of my work is empathy. Being able to put myself in the patient’s shoes and being a good listener is vital. Each patient is different and requires a personalised treatment. Therefore, not everyone needs the same treatment and sessions.

What benefits do your treatments bring to your IVF Spain patients?

Both the relaxing massage, and the reiki and acupuncture, are techniques that help relaxation and constitute an anti-stress moment which is highly advisable when undergoing a fertility treatment.

Let us not forget that it is essential to reach the transfer day as relaxed as possible and with minimum stress levels.

In the case of men, these techniques will help them face especially stressful situations during the treatment, such as the day of the sperm sample collection.

The general benefits are, on one hand, obtaining the highest possible degree of relaxation, and on the other hand, improving blood circulation to increase the flow to the aim organs.

What is the difference between reiki and acupuncture?

They are completely different techniques, although both work with body energy and are completely natural.

Both can be applied on any phase of the treatment, even before starting it.

What matters most is to apply the most adequate technique for each concrete person, with the aim of reducing their stress levels and helping them reach the day of the transfer as bodily and mentally prepared as possible.

In our website you will find detailed information about what acupuncture and reiki consist of.

Based on your experience in IVF Spain, what is the main reason for the clinic’s patients to request this service?

Their main motivation is to reduce their stress levels and achieve relaxation.

We must take into account that many of them know the benefits of alternative medicine before starting their IVF treatment in IVF Spain. In these cases, what they expect from me is that I accompany them with my services until they fulfil their dream of becoming pregnant.

What would you say to a couple that is about to start a fertility treatment and are interested in finding out about the benefits of holistic medicine?

I would say to them that it’s very important to stay well physically and mentally during the whole fertility treatment. I always advise to make use of these techniques from the beginning, not only when there is already an emotional problem but preventively, in order to be prepared to welcome the future baby in the best conditions.

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