Australia’s Victoria State to review IVF laws

An Australian State has begun a review into its fertility laws as it fears women are being exploited and not being given honest information about their chances of conceiving

Victoria State Health Minister Jill Hennessey told 3AW breakfast show the government wanted to conduct the review to make sure that the laws were able to properly control the fertility industry.

Age limits, the cap on the number of cycles, accessibility will be just some of the topics IVF laws be looked at over the next 12 months in the wide-ranging review.

The health minister was asked if there is some concern that people are being put through IVF for the sake of the money, rather than the sake of their success, which she agreed with.

She said: “Of the 12,500 women who go through IVF each year, we get 3,000 babies out of that process.

“In the beginning IVF was a huge innovation, but now there are a lot of commercial players in that space, the cost, the prospects of success, and the technology has all evolved and changed. We want to satisfy ourselves that women are not being exploited and there is transparent information and that people are told the truth as their chances diminish.”

She said that often when someone is being charged $4,000 to $12,000 for IVF and there are offers of discount to give it one more go.

She said: “There is a whole range of ethical and health ranging implications here. A lot of people are entering the market, advertising to freeze your eggs and we want to look at that. It is a tricky ethical terrain and it is understandable that people are desperate to have a child, but they may not understand that their chances of success are low once they get to a certain age. The drive to have a baby is incredibly natural.”

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