IVF SPAIN and their incredible free IVF offer

We are thrilled to announce that the brilliant IVF Spain are generously offering a free round of IVF to one of our readers!

“Commemorating 40 years of IVF – we are very pleased to support this great initiative and hand out a free IVF treatment to one of the participants.” IVF Spain


We can’t thank IVF Spain enough for this wonderful and incredibly kind offer.

All you need to do is head to our Free IVF Offer page, answer a few questions and enter!


Value: €6,500.00

The treatment is performed under controlled ovarian stimulation. The goal is to retrieve as many eggs as possible.

Ideal for patients aged 30 to 42 (with a normal ovarian reserve).

• Medical treatment and follow-up.
• Medication plan.
• Basal echography with hormone control, carried out at IVF Spain.
• Echographies with hormone control, carried out at IVF Spain, if necessary.
• Sperm capacitation.
• Ovarian puncture with sedation.
• First embryo transfer.
• No waiting list (subject to laboratory organisation and time required for preparing the treatment)


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