UK Government release ‘first of its kind’ surrogacy guidelines

New guidelines for anyone hoping to have a child via a surrogate or becoming a surrogate mother have been released by the UK government’s Department for Health and Social Care

According to the government, the number of people using surrogacy as an option to become parents has increased every year since 2012, and this was one of the main reasons for the ‘first of its kind’ guidelines.

It has been created with the support of Surrogacy UK and Brilliant Beginnings, two of the main surrogacy organisations in the UK and is a comprehensive guide to anyone considering surrogacy as an Intended Parent or as a surrogate.

It covers everything from starting the process and defining the different types of surrogacy, to parental leave and the parental order process.

Health minister Jackie Doyle-Price told The Huffington Post: “We know that surrogacy can be a complex journey which is why we have created a guide fit for modern society, one which balances the need for emotional support with clear legal explanations, for surrogates and intended-parents alike.

“It is vital that we help surrogates, intended parents and children to have a positive experience and that we support this modern form of family building.”

Natalie Smith, of Surrogacy UK, said: “Surrogacy UK is proud to have campaigned for, and been involved in creating, the Department of Health’s Guidance on Surrogacy. The documents give crucial information to those looking into surrogacy.

“They reaffirm the Government’s view of surrogacy as a positive option for those looking to start a family through assisted reproduction in the UK and outline the positive outcomes for children born in this way.

“We welcome a formal source of information to ensure that there is clarity on the legal pathway and other aspects of a surrogacy journey, as well as on the care of surrogates, intended parents and children.”

You can read the full documentation on the legal process for Intended Parents and surrogates here

To read the guidance for the care of surrogates and intended parents, please click here


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