‘Late marriage and poor lifestyle to blame for fertility issues’ according to UAE IVF experts

Leading IVF consultants in the United Arab Emirates have said two of the main issues surrounding fertility problems are marrying later in life and a poor diet, and have called for people to take better care of themselves

Dr Michael Fakih, who is the medical director of Fakih Fertility Clinic told The National he believed couples were experiencing difficulties with their fertility due to getting married later and eating a poor diet.

He said: “In the past, women would get married as young as 14. Now it is 34 or 35, and it’s usual to see a large number of unmarried women.”

As women reach their mid-thirties, their fertility rates begin to rapidly decline and the majority of IVF patients are over 35.

“Once you hit 35, it starts going down every year and by the age of 40 there is a drastic drop. At 44, the chance of conceiving is less than 5 per cent.”

He added that a poor lifestyle, which he put down to eating out late at night and then going to bed, along with couples not giving enough time to have sexual relations as reasons why they were failing to become pregnant.

It has been reported that UAE fertility clinics are getting more referrals for treatment now and some confirming that they are seeing more men than in previous years for issues with infertility.

According to HealthPlus Fertility Centre, about 40 per cent of the time it is the man that has a fertility problem, the centre’s IVF lab director, Dr Irfan Aslam said.

The cause is sometimes simply an unhealthy lifestyle that may include smoking, the use of anabolic steroids, obesity and diabetes.

Dr Fakih said: “Sperm counts were previously at 20 million per millilitre, but it has now dropped to 15 million.”

The specialists have said couples need to start looking at their lifestyle and thinking about their fertility earlier in the life journey to fulfil their dreams of becoming parents.


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