Indian Hotels Company announces it will pay for women staff to have IVF treatment

One of India’s largest hotels chains has announced it will reimburse its female employees who receive IVF treatment

In a short statement released onto the Indian Hotel Company’s website, the parent company of India’s Taj Hotels, it states it has created initiatives to bring more equal opportunities for women.

One of the new policies announced is to reimburse expenses for what the company calls ‘family expansion’ and overall health treatments which cover various medical procedures including IVF treatments, freezing of egg, embryo and sperm including artificial insemination.

Dr PV Murthy, senior vice-president and global head, Human Resources, IHCL, said, “We have been consistent in championing the cause for women. The extension of medical benefits and the women referral program is in-line with our commitment to encourage women for diverse roles in the company.”

The company said it had been instrumental in enabling women associates to take a leap by breaking gender stereotypes. The company also provides seven months of paid maternity leave, with an ‘Extended Maternity Leave’ option for an additional three months once the statutory leave period ends.

Compulsory creche facilities across all hotels have been another significant move by IHCI

It is believed the initiatives have been created to try and retain more female staff, who are said to be put under pressure from their families when it is their time to have children.

The news follows the announcement from other companies across the world which offer insurance or IVF employee benefits for the cost of fertility treatment.

Starbucks, Pinterest, Spotify and Facebook have been ranked some of the best companies to work for when it comes to fertility treatment.

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