Study reveals Mediterranean diet can boost IVF success

Fertility experts have revealed eating a diet rich in Mediterranean food could lead to more success in IVF

Researchers at the University of Athens found that women who had a diet rich in olive oil, legumes, vegetables, fruit and fish had a much higher chance of conceiving than those who did not consume such foods.

The trial looked at the eating habits of 244 women for six months before splitting them into three groups, after analysing what is known as their MedDiet Score, ranging from nought to 55.

The first group of women had scores of between 18 and 30, the second between 31 and 35 and the third group between 36 and 47.

The women who had the lowest score had significantly lower success in getting pregnant than those in the higher ranking score.

Professor Nikos Yiannakour told The Daily Telegraph: “These findings highlight the importance of dietary influences and diet quality on fertility, and support a favourable role for Mediterranean on assisted reproductive performance.”

Do you follow a Mediterranean diet? Has this study made you think differently about what you eat? Or has changing your eating habits had a positive effect on your lifestyle? We’d love to hear your story, email

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