Breaking the silence and taking our campaign #ivfstrongertogether one step further, with The Fertility Podcast

We are so excited to be working together with the wonderful Natalie Silverman of The Fertility Podcast to break the silence!

Natalie, who hosts the fantastic Fertility Podcast, a weekly podcast helping to break the silence about infertility, chats to experts around the world along with men and women sharing their fertility journeys. Here Natalie talks about joining together to make a difference and about why she created The Fertility Podcast.

I’m so delighted to be working together with the awesome ladies at IVFbabble to get even more of us talking and you can now hear my podcast too right here

When my husband and I were told, rather insensitively, that we needed fertility treatment, just before Christmas in 2013 it was of course a huge shock. My best friend had just been through three cycles and had twins,  so I knew I had someone I could turn to and quiz!  My other half didn’t know anyone and we had been told we needed ICSI and it instantly became apparent that there wasn’t much information or support out there for Men. That’s why I’m passionate about creating content for men, speaking to experts and hearing Men’s stories and you’ll find a whole section on Male infertility here

We were so fortunate that our treatment worked first time and once pregnant I decided to launch this podcast

My background is as a radio presenter for Heart, so I was already an audio geek! My instinct was to search for audio content to find out more more about infertility. What I found was mainly American voices, apart from when topics had been discussed on Women’s Hour on BBC Radio 4. So I decided to approach people who’s books I’d read – namely Zita West and Emma Cannon and asked them if they’d chat to me and they said yes and hence The Fertility Podcast, was born.

Since 2014 I’ve released over 100 episodes talking to people and experts about issues ranging from PCOS, Endometriosis to Secondary Infertility and Sperm & Egg donors and their recipients. Whether it’s  egg freezing or surrogacy or trying to work out where to have treatment, I hope that I have an episode that might help you. I’ve visited fertility clinics all around the UK to give you an insight into what it would be like for you to visit them and intend to visit them all over the world, there’s a lot to do and the list of topics is endless as we have a lot to talk about.

The aim of The Fertility Podcast is give a voice to what we know is such a tricky topic to talk about and I know from the people I speak to that sometimes I’m one of the few people they have shared their story with. I also know from the amazing emails and comments I get, that people get comfort from listening to others.

If you already listen to podcasts, you will know they are lovely and intimate. You can plug in whilst on your commute or walking the dog or maybe at the gym and nobody know’s what you are listening to.

I also hope that if you listen to me on a regular basis, you consider me a friend through all of this. If you’ve never listened to one, all you need is a smart phone as there’s many ways to connect. You just need to download a podcast app or there’s numerous players including iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Acast, iHeart Radio, Tunein Radio – search in any of those and you’ll find me or you can just click the link below right here on IVF Babble and listen away.

I also hope that you find, with the experts I speak to that my questions to them as former patient means I ask the kind of questions you would. I know how overwhelming it is and that you can walk away from an appointment with more questions to ask. Whilst I’m no expert, I have been through treatment and I get it. I’ve now spoken to a lot of people and am always talking to you in the numerous wonderful communities we have on social media. We’re currently at a point in our lives where we’re trying for a second child and getting ready to embark on a frozen embryo transfer, so whilst we’re blessed with a beautiful little boy we are still on our journey.

Infertility stays with us, in some many different ways, whether you’ve decided to stop having treatment, take a break from it, or you’re just trying to work out what your plan of action is.

So far, my podcast has had over 100,000 downloads and is listened to in over 50 countries which is beyond my wildest dreams. Sadly though, it highlights how many of us are affected.

So, our mission together, if you choose to accept is to BREAK THE SILENCE.  I would love to speak to you, wherever you are in the world. You can be anonymous if you like as that is the beauty of audio.  

Together with IVFbabble it is even more possible as get the word out there that we are indeed #IVFStrongerTogether.

Natalie of The Fertility Podcast chats here with Sara of IVFbabble about joining together and why it is so important to take this around the globe and the absolute need to break the silence. Listen to their chat here

If you’d like to share your story, written or audio, we would love to hear from you, just email

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