Lady Victoria Hervey reveals she is freezing her eggs at 41

Celebrity It girl Lady Victoria Hervey has revealed she is freezing her eggs to realise her dream of becoming a mother

Socialite Victoria is 41, lives in Los Angeles but has yet to find her life partner, which is not something that is putting her off.

It has been reported that she began IVF treatment in November 2017 and said she is happy to become a single mother in the near future.

She told The Sun newspaper: Yes, it’s true.It’s something I have been planning to do for many years as a smart back-up plan.”

She revealed she started injections to preserve the eggs and planned to freeze them for the time being.

According to the latest figures, a woman’s chance of having a live birth between the age of 40 and 42 is about 13.6 per cent.

What you need to know if you are considering freezing your eggs at the age of 40

Professor Tim Child, Medical Director, Oxford Fertility said egg freezing is becoming more common.

He told IVF babble: “Egg freezing is being increasingly used to ‘preserve’ fertility. As with all fertility treatments, the technique works better when the eggs are younger. This is because older eggs are usually of lower genetic quality- more likely to have an abnormal number of chromosomes within.

“While eggs are ideally frozen when the woman is in her 20s or early 30s (before the decline in genetic quality starts), there is no strict upper age limit in doing the procedure, as long as the woman is made fully aware of the pros and cons.

In addition to the age of the eggs at the time of freezing being important, the number frozen is also vital- the more eggs in the freezer, the greater the chance of making more good quality embryos in the future. Therefore, many women will go through two or more egg freezing cycles as in Victoria’s case.”

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